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In Search of a Better Helmet

We were contacted by Randy Cardona, an Industrial Design graduate student at the Acadamy of Art University in San Francisco. He was hoping to get a little “focus group” action going on by asking you, our readers, to offer your input on bicycle helmets.

I want to design a helmet that meets the needs of commuters better that what already exists and I would appreciate any ideas/feedback you [and your readers] may have.

To get the ball rolling, I am thinking of a helmet that is weatherproof, breathable and has some kind of retractable goggle/faceshield among other attributes. Another possibility is an accessory that is somehow attached to a normal road helmet or BMX style helmet that does the same thing. Any input regarding things that you do NOT like about existing helmets is equally valuable if not more so.

Randy provided us with a few basic guide questions to get the conversation going:

1. What are the problems, if any, that you have with your current helmet?

2. Does your current helmet meet all of your comfort and safety needs during your commute?

3. In terms of wearing a helmet, is weather an issue? In what way?

4. Does bad weather affect your vision to the degree that you feel less safe during your commute?

5. Do you sweat even in cold weather commutes?

6. Does your head stay cool enough/warm enough in your current setup? Why?

7. During cold weather commutes, where do you find persistently cold spots?

8. Is your helmet comfortable? If not, why?

9. Would you pay $80 for a better commuter helmet? $100? $120+?

Please help Randy out by offering your thoughts in the comments below…this sounds like a cool design project and the readers of are the perfect focus group for such an effort! Thanks.