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Give up driving for Lent?

“I thought there’s probably a lot of things where I really don’t need my car. I could use my bike or just walk, so I think that is what I am going to attempt to endeavor,” Father O’Brien explained. “I can put up with the sacrifice of walking, or the challenge of walking to certain places or riding my bike.”

For Lent, could you give up driving?:

Adventures around town

RL and I have been trying to use our cars as little as possible. I have been commuting to work and taking my kids to and from school on bike. This weekend we wanted to see how a longer commute would work out for our grocery shopping. With a family of five to feed this is no easy task. We also live in a community of huge hills and a really fast highway on the way to the local Traders Jo’s. But I love to ride my bike so we decided to give it a go!

RL loaded up his Xtracycle with a trailer attached and I couldn’t resist a ride on my new beach cruiser. πŸ™‚

My youngest daughter also wanted to join which was no problem with the Xtracycle. We also made sure to bring a small cooler for our frozen and refrigerated items. And of course we remembered to bring our sack cloths and brown bags!

My biggest concern was the huge hills and highway traffic. But we found another route that made it all the more enjoyable. There were two parks we could ride through that kept us off the fast highway, and some nice quiet neighborhoods with the biggest bike lanes you’ve ever seen!!! The round trip is about 7miles. And it was a beautiful ride. Nothing puts a bigger smile on my face then a ride on my beach cruiser. πŸ™‚

The grocery shopping was quick, but expensive!!! I don’t know what it is about bringing some of the family along for the grocery shopping but I seemed to have more items in my cart then usual. All our items fit perfectly into the trailer though.

The ride home was a piece of cake for me. RL on the other hand, well lets just say he got in a great work out for the day. Hehehe. I had such a good time I suggested we make this a regular family outing. We had great conversations to and from the store, a great work out, saved some gas money, and some great bonding time with our youngest daughter.

Raising gas prices is not always so bad….

Well right now I can only wish to see as many bikes on the streets as the above picture but I was pleasantly surprised at the increase of commuters I saw out on the streets today. I am not a big fan of the gas price increases but I have to say that I am happy to see more people riding their bikes because of it. On my short commute to work today I saw four other people on bikes today. That is a a new record for my commutes!

I was even happier to see another parent riding alongside their son to school on a bike today. I can only hope that the more often we ride with our kids that it will inspire other parents to leave their car in the garage and take a ride with the offspring.

Paying for gas sucks, and it sure is nice to see others catching on! I last heard gas prices will be in the realm of about $7 a gallon by end of the year and I am looking forward to seeing my streets filled with bicyclists! I am keeping hope alive!!! =D

Biking in the LA TIMES

Our local paper, the LA Times, did a feature on a couple of local biking advocates. It’s great to see a positive spin on biking in the media. The LA Times did a feature on Monica Howe and Christ Kostman. Here’s a little excerpt:

“I guess I’m an activist by default because . . . what’s the phrase . . . ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ I just believe in certain things,” says Howe of her work with the coalition, a nonprofit organization with campaigns, programs and resources that support bike advocacy and education.

Click here to continue reading about Monica.

Here is an excerpt from Chris’ interview:

“I provide forums where people can have life-changing experiences,” he says. “They can appreciate their connection to the environment and one another. One of the things I appreciated from my very first 50-mile bike ride was that in a few hours or more you could have a really meaningful experience that’s exciting, interesting, engaging and enlightening.

Conintue reading here.