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NuVinci Hub-What a feeling!

I borrowed Moe’s Ibex RSR bike equipped with the NuVinci hub last week and recently had some saddle time with the bike. I’ve ridden this bike before, but not for extended lengths of time and mileage. I’m please to say that I’ve had some decent saddle time on it.

When Interbike 2006 came around, the NuVinci hub was the biggest buzz in the business. By the time Sea Otter Classic happened in 2007, there were tons of demo bikes, including a fancy Elseworth and a Bianchi that had these hubs installed. Honestly, I did fall in love with the way the NuVinci hub works, and in reality, the concept of the CVT transmission was above me. But I didn’t care, all I knew was that this hub was a dream to ride.

Here’s what’s what I loved about our test bike. Well for one, its not a fancy bike, decent parts, fancy color scheme, but it was the hub that made this bike more valuable than its weight in gold. I’ll try to describe what I’m talking about to you in a way that will help you feel what its like to ride this bike. You see, its simply hard to even go into detail as to the feeling you get when riding a NuVinci…but here it goes….

The hub performs like no other geared bike I’ve ever ridden. You can start off pedaling easy just by twisting the grip shifter. While your moving, and you want to pick up speed, you twist the grip even more and what happens is, you feel a smooth and quiet increase in speed without a big shock to your legs. It’s rather seamless if you ask me. Just think of it this way, if you’re in a luxury car that has an automatic transmission, you accelerate from 0-60mph, the car’s fancy transmission will shift through the gears without you feeling a surge/lunge while going through the gears. Well, the NuVinci is pretty much like that. The seamless variable transmission allows you to go from standing still, to coasting at 15mph without feeling like you have to ramp up your cadence to be able to go that fast. Suer you feel your legs working harder, but its not working as hard as it would if you were riding a regular 27spd bike. There’s practically no noise, easy to use, even a monkey can learn how to use the NuVinci.

Our good friend Val of Seattle Bike Supply also provided us a very thorough review of the NuVinci that could be read HERE

I’ll be spending more time on the NuVinci and periodically report on its performance. Tell you what, if you’re in the North OC area and would like to try out this bike, hit us up and we can arrange a time so you can join us for a ride and we’ll set you up on the NuVinci bike.