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Troubling Ad Campaign From the Delaware DOT

Mike from The Bicycle Spokesman brought this to our attention yesterday: a new safety campaign from the Delaware Department of Transportation:


Mike writes:

“…I was alarmed to see that the State of Delaware (the home of Vice Presidential nominee Joe Biden) which should try to ensure a safe environment for all citizens despite their selected mode of travel, issued a press release explaining how to kill a cyclist. It tells drivers how fast they need to drive in order to achieve a kill. Thanks Delaware.

In the above picture from the Delaware Neighborhood Speeding Campaign, the bicyclist is shown without a helmet despite the fact that Delaware enacted a helmet law for children under 16 in 1995. Clearly there is a rogue element in the Delaware Department of Transportation that is out to get bicyclists.”

Read the rest of his article by clicking here.

What do you think about this ad? Poor choice of image and text, or effective in its bluntness?