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ZEGO: Allergy-safe and yummy energy bars

You may have noticed that there are a lot of energy bars on the market…and a lot of them have ingredients that may leave you scratching your head. Why would athletes (or ANYONE, for that matter) want to eat artificial flavors or colors or other unpronounceable additives in the foods they are depending on for energy?

But now, there’s a new player on the market that is addressing these concerns.

A couple weeks ago, Jonathan from ZEGO reached out to us to tell us about their new energy bars…these things check a lot of boxes for folks who are concerned with what they put into their bodies.

Here’s the rundown on them, straight from the ZEGO website:

    Safe. Allergy-friendly*, natural ingredients.
    Gluten Free.
    Nut Free.*
    Lots of Protein. 10g per bar
    Not a lot of Sugar.
    Healthy fats.
    Sustained Energy. Low glycemic index.
    Delicious. Something you’ll WANT to eat during a workout!


And the proof is in the ingredients list:


As if the ingredients weren’t enough, ZEGO even donates 20% of their profits to supporting childrens’ nutrition initiatives. That’s a winner right there!

ZEGO is in the final stages of an Indiegogo fundraising effort so they can ramp up production. Please support them if you like the sound of their product — I think it is a great thing they are bringing to the market.

Jonathan was kind enough to send me samples to try — the caramel (previously referred to in print and visual ads –even in the pic above — as “sunflower”) and chocolate. They are DELICIOUS — just a hint of sweetness and a chewy, satisfying mouthfeel. Best of all, they go down easily; many other energy bars sit in my gut like a lead brick, but the ZEGOs kept me rolling on a long training ride this weekend.

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