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Big fun in small packages.

Look what arrived at my doorstep today!

As bike commuters we sometimes have to go multi-modal. Buses often have limited bike space on their racks and some commuter trains restrict the use of full size bikes. This is where the convenience of the folding bike comes in!

I use to own an orange Bike Friday New World Tourist, but sold it last year to (ironically) go on tour. At the time, I wasn’t doing a lot of multi-modal travel so I didn’t really have too much reason to fold it. Now, I find that I’m using the train a lot more and have been booted off due to lack of room for a full size bike!

I contacted Dahon to see if they would send me a Speed TR to put it through its paces. I’m planning a few mini bike tours where I’ll be combining bus, train and bike to get to my locations. Look for impressions of it soon as I take it to bike Mecca, Portland, next week!

Dahon Bicycles Recall

Dahon, the world leader in portable bicycles, today announced a

Voluntary Recall Notice – Seat Post Bolt

It has been determined that the seat post bolt on some full-size models of Dahon bicycles can break under use and may pose a potential safety hazard. These seat post bolts MUST be replaced immediately.

Please find further info in the enclosed press release and PDF.

For more information on Dahon or this recall please visit: (PDF download of consumer oriented information is at bottom of the front page) or contact Dahon directly at