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Commuter Cycling 101 – HBL Free Class

Just a quick announcement from the HBL newsletter that found its way into my inbox: for all you new or long-time returning bike commuters on Oahu, if you need to brush up your skills on how to Ride Aloha and share the roads with everyone, check out either of these $free.99 classes offered throughout summer and fall.

Frank ITB Cycle Commuting 101

Frank from ITB leading Cycle Commuting 101

Free CC101 and Walk, Bike, Drive Classes

HBL is now offering our Commuter Cycling 101 and Walk, Bike, Drive classes for FREE at Windward CC and UH Manoa!

Commuter Cycling 101 (CC101)

CC101 is a one-day mini introductory course on riding your bicycle in Hawaii, following bicycle traffic laws and being safe while commuting. With a League of American Bicyclists certified Instructor, 30 minutes will be spent in a classroom learning how to navigate Hawaii’s roads and interact with pedestrians and motorists. Another 30 minutes will be spent practicing defensive bicycling skills in a safe and controlled parking area. One hour will be spent implementing these practices and developing your skills on a group safety ride through the local neighborhood.

Walk, Bike, Drive (WBD)

Walk, Bike, Drive is a safety course for anyone who sets foot or tire on Hawaii’s streets and roads. Learn about comprehensive traffic safety, with an hour long classroom session on how to ensure your safety and the safety of others as a pedestrian, bicyclist, and motorist. We will cover the rules of the sidewalk and roads, and best practices to safely interact with those using other modes of transportation. Learn how to get safely across the street as a pedestrian, how to keep others safe when operating a motor vehicle, and more.

Take a friend to the class nearest you! Schedules are available to view here for CC101 and here for WBD.