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Diamonds are a cyclist’s best friend…

Have you guys heard the latest from the League of American Bicyclists? They’re revamping their “Bicycle Friendly Communities” awards, and adding platinum as the highest rung on the ladder:

For the first decade, the BFC program ranked communities at the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels. But we’ve seen such tremendous progress, innovation and enthusiasm from communities nationwide that it’s time to set the bar higher. It’s time to move beyond Platinum. Welcome to the dawn of the Diamond BFC.

Cities like Portland, Ore.; Boulder, Colo; Davis, Calif., and other leading BFCs are almost ready to join the ranks of world-class bike communities — and the League has been working with BFC representatives to envision a higher standard that challenges and charts new heights for bicycle-friendliness in the United States.

You can read more about this by visiting the LAB’s blog page here.

What I’d really like to see from the LAB is this: an equivalent to Hollywood’s Razzies, whereby bicycle advocates would call out cities who drop the ball in regards to bike/ped improvements. Nothing like a little public shame to spur cities to step up their game, right? Of course, the Razzies didn’t convince Sylvester Stallone to improve his acting chops (he’s a 4 time Razzie recipient and 12-time nominee)…so maybe the public shame thing is a pipedream on my part.