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Grocery Gitter…the saga continues

Russ and Jack were the first to start building up a “Grocery Gitter” bike, them Moe followed suit with his Breezer Gitter. Now one of our loyal readers, Rick Logue(I like your initials) sent us photos of his Gitter bike.

Here’s what Rick had to say about his Gitter:

These pictures are completely staged. The only differences between
these and real life are that I left out the toilet paper so you could see my
daughters’ beautiful faces and there is nothing in the back of the trailer.

This is usually my rig for getting any type of groceries. The Burley
trailer has a little bit of space in the back (two paper bags worth) for
carrying things. The pannier is an old military surplus ammo bag with
Arkel’s mounting hardware. That bag is great for a six pack of beer.

Check it out!

He’s got his priorities on straight because he’s got a man’s essentials on his rack…diapers and beer. But the best part about his Gitter are those beautiful kids in the trailer! Aw…

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