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You’d Look Hotter in a Helmet…

As many of you may have realized, the staff is pretty militant about wearing helmets while bicycling — and while many folks may disagree with whether or not helmets make any difference in safety, we believe if there is anything between your two ears that you care about (fond memories, facts, pop culture trivia, etc.), it’s worth protecting.

Sometimes we joke about how silly helmets make us look; other times we might complain about how hot (or cold) they might feel on our heads. No matter what, though, we like ’em and we wear ’em.

All that being said, there’s a new blog out there that aims “To erase the stigma that wearing a helmet is dorky or uncool and to encourage the idea that wearing a helmet is attractive, cool and smart.” This is the “Safety is Sexy Campaign“, and they’ve got a pretty cool thing going on over there. You should check it out!

A great feature they have is that if you send them your mailing address, they will mail you a handful of stickers that say “You’d look hotter in a helmet.” — perfect for plastering around town to get the message out!

hotter in a helmet