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Playing Tourist in my own town.

I took a day off from work and decided that I can spend a good portion of my morning pretending to be a tourist. I live in Fullerton, Ca. and apparently we have a bit of history in this place. The city’s website lists about 16 historical buildings that my daugther and I wanted to hit up. I printed out a map and packed some water and a few snacks, then we got out my trusty Xtracycle. We then loaded up the bags and headed out for our adventure.

When we started our ride, a bit of drizzle was kissing our faces as we rode. But by the time we got to our first stop, the rain was starting to come down pretty good. Our first stop was Hillcrest Park. As long as I’ve lived in my city, this was my 3rd trip to the park. There are many points of entry to Hillcrest and the side we rolled up on had a memorial for fallen soldiers who lived in Fullerton.

We then rode to Hetebrink House and the Plummer Auditorium.

The rain wasn’t letting up, and we saw a car accident happen right in front of us. For some odd reason, Californians don’t know how to drive their cars in the rain.

Our next stop was an old church building still used for service today. It was built in 1909.

Fullerton has an old train station that Metrolink and Amtrak stops at. The Union Depot is now a Spaghetti Factory restaurant. It was encouraging to see that the station had at least 10 bike lockers being used.

Then we headed to a place called the Elephant Packing House. Just the name alone got us curious to see what it was. I’m sure my daughter thought that’s where they packed Elephants…well I actually thought of that too. But we came to find out it was a packing house for an old brand called Elephant Orchard, a citrus grower and exporter. Apparently Fullerton has a long history of Orange groves in which the city was known for its awesome Valencia oranges. However, the Elephant Packing House is now home to a billiards dealer.

Our tenth stop was the Fullerton Police Dept. This building used to be City Hall from 1942-1963. Since then the PD has called it home.

The Tour of Fullerton (our own version) took us about 2 hours to do on bike. My daughter had a great time learning and seeing all the great buildings that make our city an interesting place to live in. If you ever get a chance, I’d suggest you do the same for your own town. Who knows what you’ll see and learn!