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Honolulu Century Ride Approaches: Heat stroke anyone?

Aloha two-wheeled commuters… Just a reminder to all those reading from the mainland, Japan, and Hawaii that the annual Honolulu Century Ride is on our tails!  The ride is coming up at butt-crack of dawn next Sunday, September 25, 2011 (butt-crack = 5:45am for open ceremonies).  With over 2000 riders each year, 30 HBL friendship ride leaders, and a buttload of volunteers (that’s right, I said it. Buttload.) the HBL century ride is equivalent to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade for cyclists on Oahu.  Okay, maybe a really really long parade and without balloons.

Apparently it's the 30th anniversary of 100 miles of iron okoles.

The route stretches from Kapiolani Park all the way to Chinaman’s Hat on the windward side and back.  Turn around points are at 20, 25, 50, 75, and 100-mile markers; it’s really a ride for everyone!  I’ll be volunteering putting up and taking down signage for the ride in my tee shirt, so come say “hi” if your in HI for the ride.

HILLS! yes, we have them!

I might add that this is a COMICAL parade of bicycling awesomeness ranging from insane riders from Japan – about half of the riders fly in from Japan just for this course – which results in some crazy cycling outfits.  Last year I saw dude dressed up as the jolly green giant and a woman wearing a jersey and a skort printed to look like denim. Kids and families come out for the ride too since it is a very safe and fun day to ride for everyone.  I saw a family on a five person tandem (what the heck is that called anyway, a five-dem?) bike.  The smallest kid was such a peanut that it looked like there were only four on the bike with an empty seat!  There were teams from Texas, Nebraska, Idaho – you name it.  My comical event last year included throwing up HEED out of my nose and mouth… Heat stroke took me down YET AGAIN since – apparently – I am incapable of riding any significant distance past 11:30am in Honolulu.  AND it was overcast…sigh.  I made it to 90-mile turnaround point (we made this one up since I wasn’t about to make it to 100) and considered that enough puking for the day.

It was a bike like this, but blue, with uhh, three fetuses and two full grown humans on it. In MATCHING outfits!! WHAT!?

Also, to note: the Zach Manago Ride in Paradise resulted in tons of camaraderie with first names written on the back of all rider bib number thingies… you could shout out to people and chat on the ride, or let people know if you were passing.  (During the Honolulu Century Ride, listen up for the Japanese riders “on your Reft” …so cute!)  HBL has recruited 30 volunteer riders to act as friendship leaders, to encourage groups to ride together and regroup at each rest stop.    The idea is to promote “bike-friendly Hawaii” as Zach Manago’s dream.   Maybe everyone will swap emails at the end – you could meet your future ex-spouse or next best friend on the ride.  I have made friends commuting before, but that’s more of a regular sightings than one-off event.

Click on the image to watch a sweet vid from our friends in Japan - Century Ride 2010!

I’ve never done one of these anywhere else, but I can say that despite the cluster-eff at the beginning of the race (still dark outside with 2000 peeps and 4000 wheels, that’s a lot of wheels) – the ride is funtastic with awesome views.  Even if I’m just proving to myself that I don’t need a car to make it to the other side of the island: as long as I have my bike, a lot of water, and commiserating friends!  I know several cities offer some type of century ride, any other BikeCommuters readers hit the saddle for that long?  Thumbs-up or Thumbs-down to riding with 2000+people?  Hit us up in the COMMENTS.  Catch you later, cycle gators!

Hawaii Bicycling League: Zach Manago’s Ride in Paradise

Aloha from Honolulu, Bike Commuters! Mir.I.Am here, announcing the Hawaii Bicycling League’s summer safety adventure: Zach Manago’s Ride in Paradise. Info about the event from Chad Taniguchi, director of HBL, goes something like this:

For more details, contact Chad Taniguchi at HBL :

Join us for Zach Manago’s Ride in Paradise July 9-10, 2011 for Safety Awareness

* 144 Miles around Oahu in 2 days
* Ride all or parts** of it
* Pledge or donate to HBL’s Safety Education & Awareness Program
* Read Zach’s story and register/pledge at
* Order T-shirts by July 4, 2011

The plan is to ride around the island in two days with camping overnight and support vehicles along the way. The group will be stopping at various police stations discussing road hazards and safety awareness for cyclists and motorists alike. The ride is to commemorate the life of Zach Manago, a Hawaii Pacific University freshman who was killed by a hit and run motorist in December of 2010 at the beginning of a round-the-island group ride planned by Aloha Fixed. Word is that Zach’s family is supporting the ride and advocating for bicycle safety on Oahu – apparently notorious for bad driving and an overall disdain for cyclists!!! (You tell me, I’ve never had any bad juju on my commutes, but I typically ride in my own world where Michael Bolton is a pirate).

This ride is not for the weak-tushed. Get your safety gear on and steel your okole for some serious mileage… or take on at least part of the ride! The scenery will be killer and donations go towards a good cause. I’m not usually one to “bike” for advocacy, as my personal form of advocacy reflects the mentality of a kindergartner (“If you ride bikes with me, I’ll be your BEST FRIIIIEEEEEND!”) But anyone can join in for part of the ride, when the group passes through your hood, just hop on the bike and cruise with the crazies. Check the maps** for the breakdown:

Day 1 - West side!

and then there’s this~!


HBL is also sponsoring a free “Cycle Safe Oahu” clinic at 3:30 pm on Saturday July 9th at the State Capitol in downtown (day one of the ride). At the start of day two, meet again at the capitol for the Rally for Safety at 8 am on Sunday July 10th, meeting at the State Capitol and ride with the group to Waikiki. If you want to register for some or part go to to do it right.

Hawaii commuters and cyclists, break out your fixies, foldies, roadies, MTBs, cruisers, commuters, and whatevas to come out for this ride. Everyone is welcome to join in the fun! I’ll be there, bunny-hopping a hot dog or puking electrolytes at about noon on either day…. so no EXCUSES! (Remember the Daria-like athleticism that I overcome on a daily basis.)

Me Bunny-hopping a Hot Dog

Post if you’re into it!!! Mainland peeps, fly over for the fun if you feel so inclined, I can bring you along in my baby cart (Bell says the limit is two passengers at 50 lbs. each). Guess it’s time to learn how to bunny hop for real if any of you fools show up!