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Traffic jams, pileups, parking problems…on bikes

Commuters here in the U.S. have had it beaten over our heads for years about how amazing the bike culture is in cities like Copenhagen and Amsterdam. In fact, when a U.S. city gets serious about developing bike infrastructure, one of the first tasks is to send planners to visit one of those European cities for a firsthand look at how it all works.

But, those cities are not without their problems:

Problems all-too familiar to car drivers the world over, from traffic jams to road-rage and lack of parking, are now also threatening to turn the Dutch dream of bicycling bliss into a daily hell.

In a small country where bicycles outnumber people by 1.2-million, the Dutch have simply run out of space to accommodate the five million cyclists who take to the road every day, turning commuting in major cities into a nightmare.

Read the rest of the article by visiting South Africa’s Independent Online site.

Too much of a good thing? Personally, I could live with some of that two-wheeled mayhem! How about you?