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Interbike 2011: Loeka

Long time friend of is Rory Harmse, owner of Loeka. He was showing off his new bamboo and jacket collection for 2012.

This is made out of bamboo fibers. Not sure how the mill does it, but its fantastically soft! Kinda makes me wish Loeka had a guy’s line.


Great new long sleeve jersey in bright colors. Roadies, Commuters and Mountain Bikers can enjoy Loeka’s jerseys.

Photo got messed up, but this is a great commuter jacket for those cold and rainy rides.
This is a sweet looking sleeveless hoodie.

Interbike 2011: Hindsight 35

Personally I thought this was a smart idea for any bike commuter. I even joked with the guys at the booth about having 2 units, one facing forward and one facing the rear so the rider can just put his/her head down during windy days and look through the monitors to see where they’re going and who’s behind them.

This rear blinky doubles a camera.

The head unit also works as a cyclocomputer, not sure all the details because I was too caught up with the camera technology.

Interbike 2011: Urbana Bicycles

I met up with Urbana Bicycles at the NuVinci booth to check out their redesigned bike. First thing they added was a NuVinci hub.

Then they beautified their frame by smoothing out the welds.

Their famous RNR rack is still on the Urbana, by the way, this rack is rated to carry heavy objects, as much as an adult.

They outdid themselves by going with the reliable Gates Belt Drive.
The rear drop out had to be redesigned to make the belt drive serviceable.

I noticed something on the frame and I asked what it was supposed to be. Turns out they’re working on a front rack that connects to the frame. Unlike most front racks that are connected to the fork, this design promises to be more stable.

Another thing I noticed was the bike itself looked shorter. Turns out the Urbana engineers tweaked the head tube angle and brought it in closer. I forget the exact numbers, but the shorter wheel base will help the Urbana become more nimble and easier to handle.