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Bicycle Commuter Act in the News

Several folks have written to us asking why hasn’t offered any coverage of the recently-passed Bicycle Commuter Act, which was a last-minute addition to the $700 billion bailout package approved by the U.S. Government.

Well, here’s why: because it’s been covered at length almost everywhere else…and in a lot of cases, mere minutes after the measure was approved. To get an idea of the wide coverage of this news, check out Paul Dorn’s Bike Commute Tips blog, where he has a link list at the bottom of his writeup of it. Heck, even Rush Limbaugh covered it on his website!!! You’ll have to find the link for that on your own, though.

Frankly, the staff at doesn’t have anything worthwhile to add to the discussion. In the first days after this news broke, I frantically scoured the Web looking for “cheat sheets” to guide commuters in applying for such benefits, only to discover that it is in employers’ hands. In any case, we’re certainly hopeful employers choose to offer this incentive to their bike-commuting employees, and we strongly urge such employees to ask their employers to provide this benefit.

But, we’d like to hear from you: what do you think about the passing of this piece of legislation? Is it too little, too late? Any word on whether your employer(s) will extend this benefit to you? For me, I’m excited that this bit passed, but I’m a little sad to see it was tacked onto the bailout package.