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Thank you letter from Henry Hsieh

Dear readers of Bike Commuters,

I want to thank you all for your support in voting for me for the LACBC board of director. I apologize for not reporting sooner, but things have been very busy since the election… Here is a quick recap of what happened since the election: I was elected as the Treasure of the LACBC (will be working on a budget soon), appointed to be the chair of the Finance Committee, and volunteered to be on the Education Committees; Tabled at 2 events; Participated in the 1.5 day board retreat; and Presented on how to bicycle commute at Sony Studios (today). Phew. However tiring it has been, I still wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to serve the bicycle community in the Los Angeles County.

Now I have 3 small favors to ask of each of you:
1) If you have a website or blog, please add a link to LACBC on your page. LACBC recently lost its web address to a cyber squatter. To recover, we got a new address, but searches via search engine still turn up the old address. So every new link will help the cause:
2) If you plan on joining LACBC, really BIG THANK YOU! Please make sure to mention my name so your membership will help me fulfill my fundraising base of $1000/year.
3) If you shop at Ralphs grocery store, register your club card so that Ralphs will donate a small percentage of their proceeds to LACBC. It cost you nothing extra, but the community benefits! Just follow the Ralphs link on the webpage:

Thanks again for your support!

Best regards,

Henry Hsieh

Henry Hsieh for Board Director of the LACBC

Our good friend and fellow Bike Commuter Henry Hsieh is running for Board Director of the LACBC.

The LACBC is the only membership based grass-roots organization in the LA County that works to make LA County a better cycling environment.

Henry’s statement: The organization and its staff has accomplished very much since I served on the board 7-9 years ago. However, there are still many challenges ahead, including our top two priorities 1) Increase to 1000+ members (670 last counted in November) which gives us strength in numbers and momentum in community; 2) Raise more funds because no great organization can operate without adequate funding. As an avid bicyclist with experience in fundraising, degree in business management, expertise in web technology, and connection to the bicycle industry, I believe I am well qualified to steer and assist the growth of this organization. I will be honored to have your vote to serve on your behalf.

Source: Henry’s blog endorses Henry, so if you are a member of the LACBC vote for Henry! If you are not a member, you can join here and then vote for him!