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Build bike infrastructure and watch business roll in!

We’ve written about Long Beach, California before — some fits and starts as the city strove to become more bicycle friendly. It looks like the effort is paying off, as indicated by the following article:

Over the past five years, Long Beach has invested more than $20 million from state and federal grants in its bicycle infrastructure.

The city has installed more than 130 miles of bike roadways, established protected bike lanes on major commuter thoroughfares, created bike boulevards to provide safer routes, and installed 1,300 new bike racks.

City officials say that investment is starting to pay off in the business community.

As of May, Long Beach has had 20 new bike-related businesses open their doors, said Allan Crawford, Long Beach’s bicycle coordinator.

Other businesses have benefited as well, he says, as riders have taken to the streets to rediscover their neighborhoods.

Take a look at the full article by clicking here.

We’ve talked about it time and time again — cities that invest in bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure become better places to live for EVERYONE…not just the people on foot or on bikes. And there’s plenty of documentation out there to help encourage cities to do this kind of improvement. So why aren’t more cities getting serious about this?