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SOAKED=Lovely Day!

I got SOAKED riding home last night – what a LOVELY time!

No sooner did I unlock my bike to head home and the skies over Chicago opened up and poured down huge rain drops on me. A grin immediately crossed my face and I knew it would be a fun few miles commuting home by bike. By the time I got home, the rain had ceased. I encountered a few wind gusts along the way that kept me vigilant and my hands never left the handlebars… but since I had the roads almost to myself, I found myself singing the song Lovely Day all the way home. Am I nuts? I think I’m appreciative of the finer things in life – like a refreshing rainy bike commute without a care about getting wet. Aaaaahhh! (My shoes and bike gloves were still drying this morning.)

These folks know what I’m talking about — bikes abound = a lovely day.

Lovely Day