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Banjo Brothers Announce “Factory Store”

Mike Vanderscheuren of Banjo Brothers wanted to let everyone know that they’ve opened a “factory store” with some GREAT deals on Banjo Brothers gear:

The Banjo Brothers have opened a “company store”. Here’s the rationale:

We created the store in order to sell close-out goods, factory seconds, re-furbished goods, one-of-a-kinds, and other schwag that you can’t get from our fine network of dealers. If you are a dealer,
a team, organization or charity and wish to make a special buy, give us a holler and we’ll see what kind of deal we can put together.

Inventory is likely to change frequently, so check back often or subscribe to our feed.

We have a bunch of stuff not suitable for our dealer network but which is first rate product. We are just looking to keep our office and warehouse tidy.

Check out their company store by visiting it here. There are some spectacular deals to be had!