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Interbike 2008: Minnehaha Bags

We met with Mike and Eric of Banjo Brothers at Interbike. These two guys are some of the nicest guys in the bike Industry and are a pleasure to talk to. We’ve been fans of their Banjo Brothers line because of their durability and affordability. Their new line ofMinnehaha Bags promise to bring the same quality and durability that we are used to. Here are Mike and Eric describing some of their bags:

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First Look:Minnehaha Canvas Utility Pannier

I took possession of a Minnehaha Utility Canvas Pannier. This pannier will come in handy when I have to go to do a quick grocery run and I don’t have the need for my Xtracycle.

I was really impressed by the quality of the pannier, the materials are top notch. I was also impressed by the cargo capacity of the pannier, check it out:

Two 8 packs of soda easily fit inside the panniers! And that little canvas baggy, perfect for keys, wallet, gum, a .22 or other small items that can get lost or squashed inside the big compartment.

The attachment mechanism is very adjustable and easy to install/uninstall:

it even comes with a handle so you can take it with you inside the store!

I will be testing the durability of this pannier in the coming months, stay tuned for a full review.