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Product Review: BTB Sunglasses

I’ve been testing the BTB 500 sunglasses out for our sister site,, but have ended up using them for commuting even more than mountain biking, so I’m giving them a shout out here as well! I started out only wearing them off-road, but as time progressed I found myself reaching for them when commuting, walking, running, and even driving (even though they’re not polarized!). I liked them so much that I even returned the last pair of (more expensive) sunglasses I bought.

For more info, check out the full review! T-Shirt in Action

Today I participated in the inaugural Super D Duper Race Presented by This was an invitational-underground event in which the race was done on mountain bikes.

I decided to sport my T-Shirt because its pretty sweet!
Super D Duper
One at a time, we were released from the gate and some how I ended up taking 3rd!
Super D Duper

Supplies are running low, so if you want one of these shirts, you better contact us ASAP!

Off to Interbike!!!

On Tuesday, I begin my travels to meet up with Moe, Joe, RL and Priscilla to attend Interbike 2010 at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. Starting Wednesday, we’ll be posting right from the show floor here on and on our sister site, so tune in to see what’s new in the commuting and mountain biking worlds. We’ll have lots of video and photos to share as well as thoughts about trends, tech highlights and hopefully a lot of new products to test.


When we return, we’ll resume posting our series of commuter profiles…so if you’ve submitted a profile and haven’t seen it yet, please be patient. I’ve got a backlog of things to publish including the profiles, a couple of book reviews and other items.

And, if there’s anything special you’d like to see from Interbike — something you may have read about or seen elsewhere — drop a note in the comments below and we’ll see if we can get more details for you.