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Green Tuesday: Natural Lube 7A and Chuck Harris mirrors

Nothing annoys me more than a squeaky drivetrain, so when RL gave a bottle of Natural Lube 7A to use on my bike, I was happy. Then he tells me that the lube is made from natural ingredients and environment friendly, now I was more than happy. Here’s what Natural 7A says about this product:

We have an all purpose lubricant that is actually engineered and designed to lubricate regardless of the conditions and is natural , shelf stable and yes , you could eat , drink and cook with it but it would not do those things very well as it is a lubrication oil.

I applied the lube to my Ibex X-ray, and was enjoying the sounds of nature and a smooth drivetrain, instead of the annoying sounds of a squeaky chain. I’ve applied the oil to most of my bikes, I will do a follow up post to see how this lube holds up on my commuter and mountain bikes.

My next ‘Green’ bike accessory is a Chuck Harris helmet mirror. Rick Logue from ‘My Two Mile Challenge‘ really sang its praises so I went on a ‘google hunt’ and the great people from the Austin Cycling Association sold me a couple of them.

So what is so green about this mirror? Well, they are handmade by Chuck Harris with a recycled bicycle spoke and recycled plastic parts! I will also do a follow up post on the durability and functionality of this mirror.