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Stimulus Bike — A New Web Resource

Andy from Stimulus Bike alerted us to his new blog, and we thought we’d share it with you.


Just what is Stimulus Bike? Well,

Dubbed the “The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act” by Barack Obama, this economic stimulus package is still in development and no details are known for sure. Early reports indicated the total plan accounting for anywhere between $500 billion to $1.2 trillion over two years. In a recent interview with CNBC’s John Harwood, Obama stated that he plans on $775 billion to be in this plan, with possibility to grow.

So what is your portion? The majority of this money will go towards major projects such as infrastructure, while approximately $310 billion may be allocated for tax breaks. Individuals may receive $500 per person ($1000 per couple) in the form of reduced tax withholding over 4 months. For those that receive a paycheck every two weeks, expect around $60 more on each paycheck.

What should I do with this money?
Use your economic stimulus money to buy a bike! Buy a new bike, a used bike, fix up your bike, get one for your kids, or donate the money to bike advocacy groups. A bike is a cheap yet effective way to get around, especially in combination with trains and buses where available. Many Americans just made New Year’s Resolutions to be green, to lose weight, or to budget their money better, and biking is a fantastic way to do all of those.

The site is low on content, as it is pretty new — still, this one bears watching, and surely it is a great idea: I mean, extra money is always great for a bike project!

Check out Stimulus Bike and sign the pledge.

Get a Load of This…

The other day, Emily Kaiser of the Minneapolis City Pages blog forwarded an article she wrote as a response to an Anti-Strib blog article that infers that more bike commuters may mean a victory for Sen. John McCain’s campaign. Why, you might ask? Because more bike commuters on the streets mean more injuries and deaths, reducing the number of hardcore cyclists and potential Democratic voters who back Obama. Yeah, they’re serious. Oh, and they take a vicious stab at low-income cyclists, too. Classy folks over there…

(screenshot of the City Pages blog article, courtesy of City Pages)

Read the rest of Emily’s entry by clicking over to the City Pages blog, and from there follow the links to the original Anti-Strib article. Emily summed things up beautifully by stating:

We know blogging often hits pretty low, but this is really disheartening. In a week when many people across the Twin Cities are mourning the deaths of loved ones due to bike accidents, this isn’t the best time to turn their grief into a tirade against Democrats.

One ironic fact that really sticks out for me is that there are a number of studies that suggest the more bicyclists there are on the roads, the SAFER we’ll all be…safety in numbers, motorists more familiar with how to react when confronted with slower-moving two-wheeled vehicles, etc. But, as you may have realized, many conservatives rarely have time or patience for science.

What do you think about this?

Could the Presidential Candidates Really Make a Difference in Gas Prices…

Gas prices have been a hot topic here on BikeCommuters. So I’m curious to know if either McCain or Obama have the guts to stand up and lead the nation to be less reliant on foreign oil, produce our own fuels, make public transportation a system that everyone can use, provide incentives for bike commuters, and encourage companies to create technology that will boost mpg and in turn creating jobs for millions of Americans.

I know it sounds like a long shot, but who knows…