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Pryme V2-Lite Review

We received a pair of the Pryme V2 Lite Helmets to review for Here’s a little description about them:

The all new Pryme-8 V2 Lite Helmet weighs a mere 300 grams!

How did they do that?!By using In-Mold technology, Pryme was able to cut their helmet weight in HALF – yet still maintained its CPSC tested strength.

The look of the new V2 Lite is further enhanced by the unique transparent colors that are derived using the in-mold process.

msrp: $59.99

I was excited to try out the new Pryme V2 Lite helmets because I’m actually a big fan of “skater style” helmets. One of my biggest complaints with the brands that I do own is that they are pretty chunky. Even with the straps cinched down comfortably, the helmet can and will shift on my head. I’ve used brands such as Bell, 661, T.H.E and Free Agent.

The first and immediate difference I found with the Pryme V2 Lite was its weight. 300 grams is nothing compared to the weight of the competing helmets that I’ve mentioned. It’s so light that while I was riding with it, I almost forgot that it was on my head!

The inner pads fit just fine. I actually prefer the Pryme (pads) over the pads you’d get with other brands because they are thin yet comfy and you don’t have that wet mess touching your head while you’re riding. What I noticed with these pads is that they actually dry pretty quick. Plus, you can easily hand wash them in the sink and voila, fresh helmet! With some skater helmet brands, the pads are way too thick and act much like a kitchen sponge, which is gross because when you’re sweating, bacteria will get trapped in there and start to smell after a while.

Have you noticed the bright colors that they sent me? Pinkish-Purpley (but they call it trans-purple) and Red! Wow! Not only does it speak visibility, but it looks good. The plastic shell they used is very similar to what you’d see in standard road/mountain biking helmets. It’s thin enough where it doesn’t weigh anything, yet its tough enough that if you were to drop it or drag it on the ground that the shell wouldn’t disintegrate.

My biggest grip with this style helmet would be its breathability. Pryme addresses this issue with 13 large vents. Most brands only offer 12. So am I saying that the extra vent makes a difference? Possibly — because I wasn’t all drippy with a sweaty head during the testing period. Then again, I’m sure the cooler weather had something to do with it. However, the large vents do work because I can feel the air passing through them as I rode.

What kind of person should be wearing this helmet? That all comes down to personal preference, but if you’re a bike commuter, mountain biker or even a BMX rider, this is a great helmet! The biggest selling point for Pryme is that it barely weighs anything, only 300 grams. What I think is that the color options Pryme offers make it even more appealing to both men and women as well as children.
I simply love it and my since the wife said I can’t wear the pinkish-purpley helmet anymore, my daughter loves hers too!
By the way, they even offer a reflective version.

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