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Another Great Cargo Trick

Our buddy Quinn sent in the following cool cargo trick — a detachable carrying system:

Don’t feel like carrying the extra weight of panniers and a rack when you don’t need it? Do you feel the need for streamlining and speed? Well, Quinn devised a method using a spare seatpost and saddle, an Axiom Odyssee seatpost rack and a pair of Cannondale panniers.

The detachable assembly

When you need carrying capacity on your bike, just remove your existing seatpost and slip this “module” in. Quinn added an extra seatpost collar to the post as a “slide stop” and to get everything lined up on the first try.

If you’ve got a spare seatpost and saddle, this is a brilliant idea — carrying capacity when you need it, no extra weight and heel-catching equipment when you don’t. Thanks, Quinn, for sending this one in!

another view

We’re always on the lookout for great commuter tips and tricks. If you’ve got a favorite one, send ’em in and we’ll post them.