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Uglyfiying a Bicycle To Prevent Theft

About 8 years ago I was commuting to a high-rise and the only bike parking I had was in the parking structure where a small rack was installed. I decided to wrap my frame up in various places with old bar tape that I had collected from the LBS I worked part time at. Initially it was to prevent my frame from getting damaged on the bike rack, but it actually helped make my bicycle look more subdued…less desirable to thieves.

I figured if my bike didn’t look new, perhaps the thieves would simply by pass it and try and steal a much flashier bike. Then again…thieves are thieves. Anyhow, I’m curious to know if you do anything to “uglyfy” your bike to make it look less attractive.

Redline R540

We recently took delivery of the Redline R540. This bike will be reviewed by Priscilla. She has a pretty easy commute…2 miles, but is also looking to use the R540 for training to enhance her mountain biking conditioning.

redline 540

Lightweight butted 6061 aluminum frame that is fender compatible with a replaceable rear dropout. Lightweight, fender friendly Redline aluminum fork. Wide range gearing with SRAM SX-5 shifters and derailleurs matched to a forged aluminum 48/38/28t triple crankset provide you 24 speeds. Multihand position flatbar with bar ends for heads-up riding positioning. Sturdy and lightweight 32 spoke Alex wheelset uses stainless steel spokes. Available in 6 sizes (43-58.5cm) center to top.

redline 540

redline 540

For those of you who don’t know, Priscilla is our female tester for BikeCommuters and MtnBikeRiders. She’s got some speed, power and great looks! Plus she knows bikes; that makes her even cooler than she already is.

We plan on going on a road ride this weekend to get some mileage out of her Redline 540. I’ll be riding my beloved Redline 925 alongside her…trying to keep up.

Redline 925, going back to the basics.

When I first got my Redline 925, I immediately stripped off all the accessories like mustache bars, fenders and chain guide. Then I went with the whole fixie trend and installed a pair of home made bull horns and eventually I swapped those for a riser bar and one brake.

But as of late, I’m not so keen on that fixie look any more and reinstalled the fenders and rear brake. I did swap out the riser bar for a flat Ritchey bar and a 100m Ritchey stem.

I don’t know what it is, but something about fenders really give a bike a very handsome look.

You see that orange thing between the brake and the fender. Thats a Bontrager Buzzkill rubber grommet. Originally these fenders came with a mounting bracket that would hold the fender and bolt on to the back of the brakes. But since I was missing that piece, I needed something to dampen the vibration and prevent it from rubbing. It’s in there pretty good so it’s not going anywhere.

I’m using some Avid brake levers with some Specialized Silk Braided Housing…not steel braided, but Silk….Oh and I added a bell!