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A great S24O video!

We’ve talked about S24Os before (quick overnight camping trips by bike)…take a look at this story, and also this one by seasoned bike touring experts Russ Roca and Laura Crawford (now of The Path Less Pedaled).

Filmmaker Jesus Beltran sent in a short video he made of a recent trip from Fremont, California to Samuel P. Taylor State Park in the Marin Redwoods…gorgeous scenery, good friends, wonderful touring bikes and fabulous music. Take a look for yourself!

Back to Earth from El Zumpango on Vimeo.

I need to dust off the tourer and get out there for an overnighter of my own one of these days…anyone care to join me?

We’d love to hear about your overnight camping jaunts…just leave your comments below.

A Very Cool S24O Story

Overnight bike camping is a fun and easy way to get some extra miles in. We’re huge fans of the S24O concept (read all about that here). So, it was with great pleasure when our own Noah helped put together an overnight camping trip dubbed “The One Ton Paceline”. Check out the photo- and video-intensive goodness by visiting Noah’s blog at KC Bike Commuting.

Who knows? You may catch the S24O bug…and you will certainly learn the story behind this stunning photograph:


CETMA Rack – Fender Hack!

Here’s a little trick I used for my recent mini-adventure. I wanted a platform to carry a load on the front. My first attempt was to use a Nashbar mini front rack with a basket. Well…I rode around for a few days with the load I was going to carry and I noticed the whole thing bouncing a lot. That center mounting strut that comes with the Nashbar rack just wasn’t up to task, so off it went!

I threw on my CETMA rack from another bike. The CETMA is great for carrying heavy loads on the front. It works best with bikes with a nutted axle because the Wald hardware can rest on the big axle. It theoretically should work on wheels with a quick release, but when I tried it I was a little weary of the hardware grinding down the QR skewer.

So, what I did instead was try to mount it on the fender eyelets. Unfortunately, the eyelets on my Trek 520 are placed in a real crappy spot. They are located behind the dropout. What this means is that the strut runs into the fork blade and won’t sit flush with the eyelet.

My solution was to replace the regular fender bolt with a longer one and screw on a nut to act as a spacer. What all this does is it allows me to attach the hardware WITHOUT it bending around the fork blade. In the photo above, you can see that the nut moves the strut to the right just enough to clear the fork. A much better and elegant solution than bending the strut or cutting some semi-circular hole around it.

Anyway, it worked great. If you have a CETMA rack and want to put it on the front wheel with a QR, here’s one way to do it. If you’re thinking about getting a CETMA rack but have a front wheel with a QR, this may work on your bike depending on the fender eyelet placement.

Simple S24O and Commuter front setup…

Here’s a little more low-key commuter couture for you. If you don’t have dollars to drop for a nice front rack they have at VeloOrange or Rivendell you can still make the front-end of your bike a little more useful.

Exhibit A…the Nashbar Mini Front Rack…the poor man’s Nitto (I bought mine for the princely sum of $12). Apparently, there’s a lot of poor men since this thing is out of stock at the moment. Don’t worry, they periodically show up.

Mounted, it looks like this.

Simply mounted, it isn’t carrying a whole heck of a lot. BUT, combine it with any number of Wald baskets and now you have something more useful! I purchased a medium-ish basket and cut off the long struts with a pair of bolt cutters, so I could just have the basket.

Now your bike is exponentially more useful. Throw in some leather toe-straps (as a general rule, leather toe-straps make excellent fasteners…stronger and reusable compared to zip ties and oh-so-classy) and it’s even MORE usefull and stylish!

I’m carrying an inflatable sleeping pad, a small soft cooler with lunch, tent stakes and a little folding Ikea tripod chair! Perfect for my upcoming S24O or a picnic!

What is a S24O? Only the greatest thing ever!

So you’re a hardcore commuter. You ride five days a week rain or shine. You know how to carry gear on your bike, or maybe you have an Xtracycle. You want to go on vacation with your bike, but you “just don’t have the time.” Think again! It’s time to go on a S24O!

A S24O (pronounced “Es-Two-Four-Oh”) was coined by Grant Peterson of Rivendell. It is a sub-24 hour overnight bike camping trip. The beauty is that it takes little time commitment (less than 24 hours) and if you forget something in your packing, it’s not the end of the world.

If your commuter bike has a rack and panniers, it’s S24O ready. Because the trip is so short, you don’t have to carry everything and the kitchen sink. Two rear panniers and a saddle bag should do it. No need for front panniers. GP shows a typical kit for one night out on the Rivendell site. It’s not a whole lot.

S24Os are also pretty inexpensive due to the short duration. They are also family friendly, since you won’t be covering huge miles!

Finding a suitable location for an S24O will probably be the biggest challenge. State parks with camping would be the first choice or if you’re going solo, you could free camp with discretion in your local foot hills or mountains. I live in Long Beach, CA which is in LA County. Not the first place that comes to mind when you think of camping. However, with a little research I’ve found some great S24O opportunities not too far from Los Angeles. Combining the train, I can do a S24O in the central coast or in the mountains just north of Pasadena or the state beaches south of Orange County. There are a lot more options than you would think.

Here are a few accounts of some S24Os to inspire you.

Kent’s S24O
Alex Whetmore’s S24O account
-A family going bike camping with Xtracycles!
-A S24O Flickr Group

If you know of any good ones in your area, write in and share! I’ll be going on a slightly longer than 24 hour trip this weekend and I’ll be sure post about it.