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Sea Otter Classic 2009: Cyclelogical Bicycle Commuter Gears and Ideas

We met up with the guys at Cyclelogical during the show and we were pretty impressed with the products they have available.

They have many choices in commuter bags and panniers.

This bag allows you to carry your shoes, toiletries and dirty clothes all in separate compartments. It also has a solar panel to help you charge your cell phone.

They also have an affinity for reflective stuff. One bag model has large stripes, ya I know other bag companies do that as well.

But check this out…a high percentage of their casual clothing has reflective designs.

One item that caught our attention was this pant saver/pocket thing. Basically you velcro this item to your pant leg, and it has a pouch for your keys, money or cell phone, plus it saves your pants from chain ring tears and grease marks.

Here’s another product that was interesting. It’s a clip on spoke thingy that has a reflective coating on it.

For more information on Cyclelogical, check out their site.

Sea Otter Classic 2009:Richard “Fritz” Masoner

We met up with blogging bicyclist Richard “Fritz” Masoner at Sea Otter. I saw him taking pictures of the Torker Cargo T and offered to let him test ride the bike.

Photo courtesy of Cyclelicious
Fritz on the Cargo T

Then he joined us for lunch today and we had the pleasure of meeting his kids, Ian and Ivy. Fritz was all over the show grounds. We saw him at various booths and riding all sorts of bikes. Even Ian was testing out a single speed Specialized dirt jumper.

If you haven’t already, feel free to check out his blog, Cyclelicious. He’s got tons of bike stuff there, in fact it’s so good, it’s yummy!