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So I decided to switch the tires of my Ibex X-Ray, I’ve been riding with the Sweetskinz Rattleback tires for quite a while.

One of the drawbacks of riding with the Sweetskinz tires is their weight; they are thick and they are not light. I had a spare set of Continentals that came off my Bianchi Via Nirone, since I’m not riding at night, I figure I would shave a couple of pounds by installing them.

Well, the Sweetskinz tires may be heavy, but I haven’t had a flat since I installed them over a year ago. As luck may have it, my front tire got a flat the first day I switched the tires. No biggie, I changed tubes and I was back on the road in 5 minutes. Yesterday was the second day I rode with the Contis, yep, I got another flat, this time it was my rear tire. Now, here’s the part that sucked, I forgot to patch the spare tube so when I reached for my patch kit to fix it, the glue was so old that it had already hardened. I was SOL and my only option was to call my wife so she could pick me up.

I maybe sacrificing speed and weight, but my Sweetskinz Rattlebacks are going back on the Xray, I rather have their reliability and comfort. Oh yeah, I also need to get a new fresh patch kit.

Win Sweetskinz Tires EVERY MONTH!

That’s right folks you read it right, you can win a set of Sweetskinz Tires EVERY MONTH! We’ve teamed up with Sweetskinz Tires and one lucky person will win a set of their newest tires, the Eclipse or Digi Camo.
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So stick around as we’ll be announcing when the contest will be and which site it will be hosted by. It could be:
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SweetSkinz Rattleback long term review

I always get questions about the tires installed on my Ibex X-ray Cyclocross commuter bike:

They are SweetSkinz Rattleback 700X37c tires. If you don’t know who SweetSkinz is, here’s a little bit about them:

SweetskinZ launched in 1999 with the goal of revolutionizing the tire industry. The company was originally conceived by combining a passion for cycling with a drive to design high-quality, personalized products — the first of which was the world’s premiere bicycle tire featuring a variety of full-color graphics and patterns that are also reflective.

Building on the success and interest from the cycling community, SweetskinZ is working to expand the SkinZ product line with a wide range of industry leaders. In conjunction with new SkinZ Application Partners, SweetskinZ is conducting research and development to bring designs to other products, including a variety of motor vehicle tires, apparel, footwear, golf cart tires and club grips, conveyor belts, and numerous industrial applications.

Our Goal? To not only produce the best quality products on the market, but to infuse a little style along the way so that both consumers and retailers can make a bold, unique statement.

SweetskinZ has evolved from a promising idea, to a company poised to revolutionize and revitalize industries.

OK, so back to the tires… I’ve been riding with these tires for over a year and logged over 700 miles on them.

Thumbs Up: The SweetSkinz rattleback tires have a rattlesnake diamondback pattern (thus the name), I like the design because it is one of their more ‘subtle’ designs, the design is more noticeable when the bike is parked and not when I’m riding it. The tires are meant to go on ‘comfort bikes’, but due to the high tire clearance of the X-ray, they fit rather nicely. How do they ride? The tires are low PSI so they are very plush and they roll with ease.The tires are also puncture resistant, I haven’t had one single puncture with these tires, Here’s what I consider being worth the price of the SweetSkinz tires, their reflectivity:

All SweetSkinz tires have reflective properties embedded on their patterns, a pretty cool safety feature.

Thumbs Down: Weight weenies need not apply, SweetskinZ tires are on the heavy side. Limited 700c sizes, 700X37c is the only available size, unless you have a bike with high tire clearance, tires will not fit. At $39 bucks a piece, tires are not on the cheap side. bikes on SweetSkinZ tires:

Recommendation: We love SweetSkinz tires for various reasons, yes, at $39 bucks a piece they are not cheap, but I believe they are worth it because of their durability, safety features and coolness factor.

SweetskinZ also supports our website by donating their tires for events like the Urban Bike Commuter Expo and the Bicycle Bash by the bay. We also get a small percentage of every sale if you click their banner and buy tires, all of this money goes for operational costs, not to make us rich.

Urban Commuter Expo Part Cuatro-Raffles

One thing we did differently this year was to host our own raffle. We gave away KHS Bicycles swag and products by Sette.

We held two raffles, one at noon and one at 1pm. Basically we told people that they can enter to win all sorts of goodies, and the ticket was free!

Forgive us if we can’t remember your names, it was hot and we talked to so many people that day.

KHS Bicycles Swag

Dorothy from the Los Angeles Bicycle Coalition won some KHS Swag.

Tank top dude won a Sette Air Pump

She won some KHS Swag.

We had also donated some more Swag to the raffle. These items included messenger bags, back packs, pumps and gloves.

Towards the end of the day, held their raffle. They were giving away all sorts of goodies.

This lucky fella won some hibiscus print Sweetskinz tires.

Unfortunately it was so hot that the organizers decided to the raffles after the event in their headquarters and notify the winners by phone. I don’t blame them…it was bakin’ that day.

We have more to report so stay tuned!