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How to Make or Break a Marriage.

Tandem Riding. Need I say more? I have been procrastinating riding Tandem with RL for quite some time now. Actually he wanted to ride the local mtn bike trails on our tandem bike. No thanks! The thought of having little control on a bike ride made me very nervous to say the least. But I was open minded to hitting the pavement with him.

This past Saturday we thought we’d give the tandem a good practice run. There is a long ride coming up in May that we are considering riding tandem in. So we thought we’d better try it first! We were going to get in a training ride with Moe but he thought we’d hold him back on tandem since he was going to ride for 2hours at a pace of 15-17mph. So he opted to ride solo. Oh wait, what’s that you say Moe? You slept in instead? Ahh, the shame!!!

I was surprised at how different the bike experience is on the tandem. Well on the negative side…I can’t see anything but the hubby’s backside. Not to say that the UPS calves aren’t nice to look at, but being able to see the road ahead brings me security. It was like bike riding blind folded!! I had to completely trust the husbands navigating skills! Arggh. I did lean over every now and then to look ahead which would lean the bike over and prompt the hubby to say “Sit down!? It took a little while but I became more comfortable ½ way through the ride.


Also, it took us some time to get our riding in sync with one another. He’s pretty good about calling out when he’s about to change gears, but when it came to standing up for hill climbing – well, that would bring out a little of the ugly in us. We haven’t quite got that down yet. We would end up leaning to the opposite sides or not communicate what when we were going to stand to pedal. Tandem riding requires lots of good communication. Yikes.

You also have to be patient with each others riding styles. RL is more of a short power stroker while I prefer consistence pedal strokes at a higher cadence. Compromise. Lots of compromise. Aye.

But after all was said and done. I actually really enjoyed the ride. For one thing, I think we were pretty darn fast for our first ride out. We rode about 20miles round trip within an hour. And that included rest stops for pics. Not too shabby. Eh?

We were also able to have some great conversation out there. We had considered bringing music along with us, but I think I prefer the talks instead. And as much as I hated the “blind? ride I surrendered after awhile and came to enjoy the thoughtless pedaling. I didn’t have to think about anything really, just pedal. Not so bad, kind of relaxing once I learned to trust my husband.

We survived our first tandem ride together, and no war wounds! Within a foot of each other for an hour and we still like each other! I count that to be a good ride. Looking to refine your marriage a little? No need to pay a $100 for an hour of marriage counseling, just go ride a tandem! The payoff in the end was well worth it for the both of us! 😀