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News: Traffic Backup in Waikiki Calls for More Bikes!

So Matt must’ve been dreaming of sunny days and bad traffice in Waikiki when he sent me this article reblogged from the Honolulu Star Advertiser: Hawaii Tries To Solve Transportation Mess With Bike-Sharing Recommended.

The article interviews a local bike commuter who works at the Hilton who apparently reduces a Friday night typical hour-long traffic-jammed no-aloha car commute to a simple 15 minute bike ride to his house in Kaimuki.  Maybe an exaggeration, but maybe not? I’ve never driven through Waikiki on a Friday at pau hana.


The rest of the article talks about possible solutions –  (mostly TheBarfBus related), including a bike share program. Bike share has been on the brain forever on Oahu, with some pilot stations up and running in Kailua by B-Cycle.

The study found Waikiki already has urgent transportation problems, including unreliable bus service, traffic congestion and a shortage of parking spaces, Frysztacki said.

“Right now, a lot of the traffic mix in Waikiki is unnecessary,” Frysztacki said. “For example, we found empty taxis trolling for fares on Kuhio Avenue in the morning and afternoon. In other cities, they’ve found that people looking for parking make up about 30 percent of the traffic.”

The study recommended corrective actions including:

–Provide more frequent bus service to Waikiki with fewer stops.

–Implement pre-boarding bus fare payment and all-door boarding.

–Coordinate bus information with improved signage and electronic displays.

–Create a 7-mile pedestrian and bicycle core network that considers building pedestrian and bike paths over the Ala Wai.

–Implement bike sharing.

–Emphasize early morning deliveries.

–Provide real-time parking information displays.

Waikiki is almost another animal, apart from the rest of the island. But for those of us who live in Honolulu, or those of us who commute through Waiks, or for those of us who have visited and wished for better traffic patterns… keep your fingers crossed for some bike share action in the future. Maybe better bike share and transit options will roll around eventually!

Or you could do what I did on my first visit and contact HBL, they will hook you up with all your bikey connections in the meantime…