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Review: Jersey Bins Waterproof Pouches

A couple months ago, the kind folks at Jersey Bins sent some samples of their waterproof cycling pouches for us to test.


The Jersey Bins come in two sizes: Trim Bin at 3-3/4″ x 7″(95mm x 177mm) and the Big Bin at 4-3/4″ x 7″ (120mm x 177mm). Both sizes are made of eight-gauge vinyl with a frosted or clear finish, and all have a zipper-style opening and rounded corners so they don’t poke. In the photo above, the Bins with the black zippers are the “limited edition” models with slightly stiffer vinyl.

I spend a LOT of time on my bikes…in the rain and in the damp heat of SW Florida. Most times during the summer, I travel with a frozen waterbottle in the center-rear pocket of my jersey…extra hydration and a simple core-cooling technique (a frozen block of water next to the spine works pretty well). As I heat up and as that bottle’s contents melt, condensation and sweat soak my jersey. I used to use plastic sandwich bags, and those just don’t last more than a couple of trips before they’ve got holes in them. Not good. With the Trim Bin, though, I can safely carry my “dumbphone”, a pair of spare AA batteries, ID card/debit card and a few dollars, and everything stays nice and dry. I keep a larger Big Bin in my work bag so that if rain threatens on the way to or from work, I can stash my wallet and phone in there and not worry about things getting soggy.


There’s really not much more to say — the Jersey Bin works and they are relatively inexpensive ($3.75 for the frosty Trim Bin, $4.75 for the frosty Big Bin…limited edition models slightly more). These would make a lovely last-minute stocking stuffer for the cyclist in your life! Take a look at the Jersey Bin offerings by visiting their website.

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