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New Wool Caps, Now Available!

We have a limited run of these caps. Price is $23 shipped, US ONLY.
grey black wool BC cap

grey black wool side bc cap

wool caps

wool bike commuters caps

Head (inches)

Hat Size

21 1/4″ – 23 1/2″
6 3/4 – 7 1/2

Large/Extra Large:
23 1/2″ – 25″
7 1/2 – 8

**All sales are final. No exchanges or refunds. Please make sure you look at the sizing info above and order the correct size.**


Limited Edition Walz Cap-Wool!

Check it folks! A Limited Edition Wool Cycling Cap. This piece of Americana can be yours for the low low…and I mean low price of $30 (which includes shipping to anywhere in the US; yes, that includes Hawaii and Alaska. Last I checked, they’re still part of the US).

Now if you’re going to whine that “$30 is too much money!”, well it just means you’re a cheapskate. But if you thought, “Wow $30, I can get a genuine Cap and it’s made out of WOOL! Then sign me up!”…than means you’re alright in our book and you’re probably handsome or beautiful…or both.
walz orange2

So don’t delay, we only have a small # of these caps. Which means, once we’re sold out, we’re not making them again. Keep in mind that the money we make through the sale of the caps won’t make us rich. It’s merely a way for us to keep the lights on at the World HQ for With that in mind, we thank you for your continued support and if you do get one, please send us a photo of you wearing the cap…and we prefer it if you were wearing pants…we receive too many photos of naked bike commuters. Alan from Florida, yes we got your latest photo…

walz orange

By the way, I forgot to mention that these caps are hand crafted right here in the USA!



Head (inches)

Hat Size

21 1/4″ – 23 1/2″
6 3/4 – 7 1/2

Large/Extra Large:
23 1/2″ – 25″
7 1/2 – 8

Walz Caps Edition: For Sale

I have a handful of Walz Caps that we are offering to our few lucky readers.
Black cap with green racing stripe and stitching. “” embroidered in white on both sides.

Here’s the sizes that are available:



Price: $25 shipped in the lower 48.

Email me right away if you want one or two! infoATbikecommutersDOTcom

Once these are gone…they’re gone!

Jack’s Got a Walz Cap, Too!

Well, I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and get me one of those dashing Walz Caps that everyone raves about.

Moe’s got one.

Jeff’s got one.

Lance has got one.

Russ has at least one…and probably more, since he’s the one who turned us onto them in the first place!

And now I have one:

Walz front view

The one I got is a lightweight cotton model…too warm here for wool. It’s black with a jaunty grey racing stripe down the middle. It fits like most cycling caps — snug without any binding or pressure. I have bone spurs in several neck vertebrae…as strangely as it sounds, baseball hats or most other headwear (except helmets, oddly enough) create tremendous pain, but I can happily say that this Walz Cap sits on my head like a feather, and I don’t feel any pain.

Where Walz has improved the traditional cycling cap is in the bill. All the vintage caps you see folks wearing these days often have a plastic insert to give the bill its shape, and these crack over time. Walz uses double layers of fabric and tight stitching to maintain the bill’s shape, and this is vastly superior. It also makes washing the cap that much easier (and less potentially damaging).

I also like the way that this cap fits under a helmet without me having to adjust my straps — and the cap helps banish “helmet hair”.

With the bill up or down, this cap is understated and stylish:

Bill up

As I wore this cap around and saw pictures of myself wearing it, I started to realize that I have a little bit of a Brad Quartuccio thing going on. Could we have been separated at birth?


Check out Walz Caps…they’ve got a snazzy cap for everyone out there. They’re inexpensive, well-made and individually crafted in the United States.