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Limited Edition Walz Cap-Wool!

Check it folks! A Limited Edition Wool Cycling Cap. This piece of Americana can be yours for the low low…and I mean low price of $30 (which includes shipping to anywhere in the US; yes, that includes Hawaii and Alaska. Last I checked, they’re still part of the US).

Now if you’re going to whine that “$30 is too much money!”, well it just means you’re a cheapskate. But if you thought, “Wow $30, I can get a genuine Cap and it’s made out of WOOL! Then sign me up!”…than means you’re alright in our book and you’re probably handsome or beautiful…or both.
walz orange2

So don’t delay, we only have a small # of these caps. Which means, once we’re sold out, we’re not making them again. Keep in mind that the money we make through the sale of the caps won’t make us rich. It’s merely a way for us to keep the lights on at the World HQ for With that in mind, we thank you for your continued support and if you do get one, please send us a photo of you wearing the cap…and we prefer it if you were wearing pants…we receive too many photos of naked bike commuters. Alan from Florida, yes we got your latest photo…

walz orange

By the way, I forgot to mention that these caps are hand crafted right here in the USA!



Head (inches)

Hat Size

21 1/4″ – 23 1/2″
6 3/4 – 7 1/2

Large/Extra Large:
23 1/2″ – 25″
7 1/2 – 8

Wool Wednesday: Basic Black with SWOBO pt. 1

This Wool Wednesday is a real treat, not only are we reviewing a killer product but Stevil from Howtoavoidthebummerlife answers some questions about Swobo and wool! First, the review!

SWOBO Men’s Short Sleeve Merino Jersey

The Look
When this jersey came in, I was all oohs and ahhs. The black version of the jersey is a no nonsense sharp looking jersey. It’s classy and low-key with subtle contrast stitching to create the lines of the jersey. Restraint seems to be the guiding principal here. No giant Reese’s Pieces on this baby.

The left sleeve has SWOBO embroidered on it and that’s it. This jersey has nothing to prove but gives you a little wink to let you know you’re wearing some quality threads.

The Wool

The feel of the wool is soft right out of the bag. No breaking in or washing in necessary. I’ve owned some older wool jerseys and some early jerseys from Portland Cyclewear that really took a wash or two to get the wool soft. Not so here. The hand is smooth and plush without being overly thick.

The weight of the wool makes it pretty flexible. I did a few long rides in the jersey in temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the upper 70-s and it performed well. Again, it really depends on your riding style. You could probably wear it lower if you hammer and keep your body-heat up. The nice thing about wool is that even if you’re sweating in it, it will keep you warm. You could also wear it into the 80’s and 90s if you have the zipper down and aren’t completely hammering.

The Fit

For me, I ordered a size larger so the fit is a little looser. I’m not a racer. I’m a commuter and a bike tourist. This really makes it flexible. The extra room lets me wear a featherweight or midweight wool baselayer underneath and coupled with some arm warmers and gloves, I’m good to go into the 40s without the bulk of a jacket.

Does this make a great commuter jersey? Heck yeah. Its flexibility with temperature, coupled with the fact it won’t stank when you get to the office is a great mix. Plus, it doesn’t look like Photoshop vomit. You can ride in the street without feeling like a big sweaty billboard.

Am I going to bring it on my next bike tour? You better believe it. You can wear wool for several days without washing and it won’t be odoriferous like your plastic tuxedo jersey. Plus, it’s black, and it won’t stain as easily 🙂 The jersey also has pockets on the back to carry your phone or snickers for the long ride home.

Pros and Cons

-All around great jersey for racing, commuting and touring…can’t go wrong with basic black
-Stank protection…nuff said
-Soft out of the bag…no breaking-in needed
-Performs great in a wide temperature range
-Nice, understated styling you Philistines…

-Wool ain’t cheap…price may be a bit of a barrier, but this could be mitigated by the fact you don’t have to buy as many jerseys since you can wear it over and over

Get yours here.

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