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Preview: RANS Hammertruck

So, just what was in that massive bike box the other day? Well, after wading through a cubic yard of packing material, things start to be revealed…


And, after a couple hours of hardcore wrenching, the RANS Hammertruck was assembled and ready to roll:


What IS that machine? Imagine an Electra cruiser ran off into the woods with a Surly Big Dummy…this could be the product of such a tryst. The RANS Hammertruck is a newish player on the cargobike market, with many visual and cargo-handling cues from the Xtracycle but also wildly different. Now you may know that we’re huge fans of the Xtracycle platform around here…so there will be inevitable comparisons between it and this Hammertruck. In any case, we’re very excited to be able to test the Hammertruck for a couple of months before sending it back to RANS.

The manufacturer specs list a quality component roster, and this bike is rated for a whopping 525 lbs. of rider and cargo. Suggested retail price is around $2000. We’ll provide more details in the coming weeks in our “first impressions” article.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on the cargo-handling portion of the Hammertruck. The side bags are shown in “rolled and stowed” mode, but rest assured: once they are deployed, they are HUGE. Also shown are the optional side runners for increased cargo capacity. This machine looks tailor-made for hauling a giant load of whatever you can stuff, strap, cram or wedge into or onto those hefty racks and bags:


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Bikes That Work

I’m cleaning out my email inbox again, and I’ve got a pair of bikes to share with you. The first comes from my friend Ken, who snapped photos of this bike at the Design Museum of London:


From the design team responsible for the bike:

The Aquaduct is a pedal-powered concept vehicle that transports, filters, and stores water for the developing world. The functional model was designed and constructed over a three-week period for the Innovate or Die contest hosted by Specialized Bicycles, Google, and Goodby, Silverstein and Partners.

More information on this concept can be found by visiting the Aqueduct website.

The next bike comes from Fixed Gear Gallery’s recent “Grocery Getter Contest“. While there were many creative entries, the hands-down winner was crafted by David Mahan. Fixed Gear Gallery and David graciously allowed us to use photos of this amazing machine:

David started by taking this…:
(photo courtesy Fixed Gear Gallery/ David Mahan)

…and applied some heat, metalworking skill and general wizardry to come up with this:
(photo courtesy Fixed Gear Gallery/ David Mahan)

What’s best about this bike is that the “cargo” part of the cargo bike removes to become a shopping cart…how cool is this?!?

(photo courtesy Fixed Gear Gallery/ David Mahan)

Check out the rest of the Grocery Getter contest entries by clicking here. For a more detailed start-to-finish look at David’s creation, please check this out.