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My Xtracycle is back in business

A while back I found myself not using my Xtracycle setup as much as I would like.

Rather than letting my bike sit in the garage collecting dust, I dismantled it and used the parts to build up a single speed bike for mountain biking. Even with that I found myself not riding the SS as much since I started doing some downhill racing.

So for months my Xtracycle frame hung off a hook in the garage…collecting dust. After a while my I started thinking about all the memories I have created with this bike setup. I’ve taken this bike commuting numerous times, loaded it up with groceries and have used it thousands of times chauffeuring my kids to and from school the last few years.

Instead of using the original Ibex RSR frame, I decided to go with my other favorite frame, a Sette Reken. I also upgraded the wheel set and threw in a few new things.

One problem I had with this frame was the fact it didn’t have a kick stand tube that goes between the chain stays. I was too cheap to purchase another Front Attachment Plate (FAP) from Xtracycle, so I found this thick aluminum seat post bracket and made it work.

I also splurged on a new Nitto bar and pink ODI grips for my daughter (my main passenger).

The fork was upgraded; it’s a Spinner Season 100mm fork. Check out my wheels — I purchased those at a bicycle swap meet for $30! The rims are red anodized, laced with Formula Hub (front) and XT in the rear. I am using Kenda Karma tires.

Red Oury lock on grips, with Mr Dirtz end caps. 1.5 riser bars, pink Jagwire der cable housing.

My final piece of bling that I got for the Xtra — Planet Bike Freddy Fenders.
xtracycle planet bike freddy fenders

Though my setup isn’t anything extravagant, this setup will work perfectly for me. Oh one more upgrade soon to come, full disc brakes. All I need is an 8″ rotor for the rear, and we’re ready to stop on a dime. I’m sure you’ve noticed that this Xtracycle looks more like a long mountain bike; well, it is. I plan on using this bad boy on many mountain bike rides, and all that cargo space I have in the back can carry all the beer and lunch we’ll need.

My Xtracycle is in pieces

A while back I disassembled my beloved Xtracycle. Below was the last rendition of the bike.

I’ve since used the red Ibex frame as my off road single speed. I had stopped using the Xtracycle because I was testing out the Torker Cargo T. As great as the Cargo T is, I missed how much load I could carry on the Xtra.

Well, now that I’m really missing this rig, I’m thinking about how I could assemble it again. But I wanted to make it different this time around. I have my old Gary Fisher Tarpon: it’s a steel frame, the color scheme on it matches the Xtracycle, plus I have a Nuvinci rear wheel that could be mated with the setup.

What do you think should I go with — the steel GF or should I look for an aluminum frame?

Please Vote For Our Friend Derek Pearson

Longtime reader and friend of Derek Pearson wrote in to ask for our help…he’s been nominated as one of the top photographers in western Washington, and in order to “seal the deal”, he needs us to vote for him!

Derek is a champion of the Xtracycle platform…with a garage full of Xtra cruisers tricked out with all manner of Down Low Glow lights, longboard decks and other goodies. You may remember him from the photography/cycling blog “Bike Rubbish” (now defunct, but may return) which was a mainstay on our blogroll for a long time.

Anyhow, please visit the Best of Western Washington voting area and vote for Derek. A simple registration with valid email address is required, but the process takes about 30 seconds.

And now for a little taste of Derek’s work…and fleet of lovely ladies on bicycles:

ladies night
(Click here for a bigger version)

Thanks in advance…Derek deserves this! Also, please check out Derek’s online portfolios at his site Derek Pearson Photography.

Xtracycle Open House…this Sunday!

From our friends at Xtracycle:

This is your chance to see Xtracycle Headquarters in the flesh, get your BBQ on, and invite your friends: we have a few offices soon to be available for sublease for the right sort of people/enterprise. (

The Xtra-Aire Airstream is in mid primp getting ready for her debut hosting the Red Hot Roots (our fantastic fleet of Radish service bikes) at The High Sierra Music Festival. We look forward to giving you the tour.

xtra flyer

P.s. No, that is not Richard Nixon pulling an Airstream by bike. It is in fact the French bicycle racer Latourneau towing an airstream in 1947, 50 years before the momentous birth of the Xtracycle cargo bicycle. 9 out of 10 French bike racers agree – if you’ve got to carry your home on your bike, Xtracycle is the way to go.

Another Wacky Xtracycle Mod

As you may know, the crew is all about modifications to the Xtracycle — increasing its versatility, passenger- and cargo-carrying capacity.

Thanks to a heads-up from my friend Ken Sturrock, there’s another cool mod featured on Xtracycle’s own site: The PizzaLoader! Ever wondered how you were going to carry those Italian pies to the Superbowl party, alley cat or other event? Fret no more — Xtracycle provides a complete materials list and assembly instructions!

(image borrowed — complete with typo! — from Xtracycle’s blog).

Check out this amazing modification by clicking here.