Would you pay $12 for two coconuts?

This afternoon I rode the Xtracycle to the grocery store to get some things for lunch. One of my favorite fruits in the world is young coconut. Having lived on it as a kid in the Philippines, I still crave it as an adult.

While I was at a market that we call Stater Bater, I noticed they had some for only $1.49. Heck, why not, I’ll buy two! As I was at the check out, the coconuts was rung up with a ridiculous price of $12! I tried to tell the checker that the sign on the shelf was $1.49, but he argued back that it was $2.49 per pound. I told him never mind and that I had never in my life paid over $1.50 for one coconut.

You’re probably thinking, what do coconuts have anything to do with bike commuting…Well, um I did mention the Xtracycle…so that counts for something, right?

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  1. Moe

    Actually, the outrageous price of the coconuts do have something to do with Bike Commuting. The ridiculous gas prices do affect the price of groceries and other goods. It is too bad that those of us that try to do something about the gas prices still get screwed by people that refuse to change their mentality about you are what you drive.

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