Redline 925 Long Term Review

People have been asking about a review on the Redline 925. I actually wrote one a while ago for another site. But here’s an update on how well the 925 has been doing in the past 9 months.

My Redline 925 went from this…

To this…

I took off all the fenders, guards, rear brake and replaced it with my custom bars, XTR brake lever and clipless pedals.

I’ve been riding the 925 for a long time now. In fact this is my first fixed gear bike and probably my last(because I’d hate to ride another fixie…).

For those of you wondering what the big deal about the Redline 925 is, well it’s this simple; the bike is really fun to ride.

No matter who ever tries out this bike, the all fall in love with it. Moe and Priscilla rode it and now they both want one! At the Ride of Silence, a couple of the guys there test rode the 925 and both claimed that the bike rode really nice. Another thing most people say about the Redline is that it has a “softer ride.” No, the tires were not low in air pressure. But the over all feel of the bike is very forgiving.

I’ve ridden road bikes before and they are harsh when it comes to the vibrations and over all road conditions that bicycle wheels have to roll through. But with the Redline 925, yes you still feel things, but it’s not that brutal. I suppose it’s the steel frame…you know what they say; “Steel is Real!” That saying might just be the ticket to why this bike feels so good.

The 42×15 gearing allows me to fly on the flats and even climb some of the local hills in my area. I’ve yet had the desire to change my gearing on this bike because of the fact that it’s I’m neither spinning too much nor having a hard time spinning. This gearing even allows me to stop skid easily…I’m getting better at it!

Another great strength the Redline 925 has is taking off the line at the stop light. I’ve had many occasions where I am waiting for a light to change and once it turns green, I mash on the pedals and zoom through the intersection. I remember pulling up to lycra wearing roadie at a light, I said good morning to him, he sizes me up and has this bewildered look on his face as he’s grazing over my bike with his eyes. The light turned green, I mash on the pedals and leave the dude behind…

To me, being able to dash out of an intersection rather quickly is a big plus. Sometimes you just need that boost to help you get your momentum up or to assert your place in traffic.

None what so ever! I’ve yet to experience any mechanical problems with the bike. Well, actually I’ve had to true my front wheel once, but that was because I hit a pothole. As long as you perform basic bicycle maintenance, you’ll be fine.

This bike kicks ass, and it’s totally affordable at $499! If you want a fixie/SS at a low price, then get the Redline 925. You will NOT be disappointed! Oh and one more thing, I LOVE their logo…


  1. Moe

    I think that the Swobo Sanchez gives the 9-2-5 a run for it’s money in the comfort/speed category. But the you can’t beat the value of the 9-2-5.

  2. LLrider

    Can’t wait for mine to come!!! Now is the time to order them folks…Redline is sending out their new shipment in a couple days.

  3. Ghost Rider

    I like how this new breed of singlespeed/fixed gear bike packages offer some pretty good gear for a decent price, and that the geometries are more relaxed than those of racing or track bikes…just because the angles are relaxed doesn’t make these babies slow!!!

  4. LLrider

    That was the one thing I am worried about…speed. RL, are the stock tires pretty quick? I was considering buying some 700X23 or X25s but if the stocks do the trick then I’d be happy to save my change.

  5. RL Policar


    I rode with the stock tires for quite a while before I finally switched them over to Bontrager Race Lite 700x28c tires. The stock weren’t bad at all. But the Race Lite tires were much faster.

  6. LLrider


    Okay I got my Redline(damn nice bike). My only concern is removing the rear wheel in the event of a flat. Considering there is no quick release and just the two nuts in the rear, do you carry a crescent wrench with you? I haven’t actually tried to tighten up the rear wheel with just one wrench. Is this what you do?

  7. RL Policar (Post author)


    Awesome! Congrats! Yeah I carry a wrench with me. Someone mentioned that Surly makes some sort of tool just for that application.

    I can tighten up the rear wheel with one wrench since the tensioner thingy is there to align my wheel.

  8. Ghost Rider


    a crescent wrench will suffice, but a better solution is a dedicated 15mm wrench (deep wall socket, old Campagnolo “peanut butter” wrench if you can find one, or the aforementioned “Jethro Tule” made by Surly). A crescent wrench will ultimately just chew up those pretty track nuts, and that’s no good!

    You do only need one wrench, alternating sides while you apply “backforce” against the tire with your hand to keep everything centered. I’ve never used chaintugs, but I imagine they help even better to keep things lined up.

  9. LLrider

    Sweet! Thanks. Actually my 925 came with Redline Tugs on both sides. They’re really nice and it makes it really easy to set the proper chain tension.

  10. sygyzy

    I hope you don’t mind some questions:

    1. Does the bike come stock with a flip flop hub? What gearing was on each side? what did you change it to?

    2. What are the funky looking clips on the pedals called? Are they part of the pedals or do they snap on (addon piece) to them?

    3. What is the crank length?

    4. What is the tire size and is that a common size (for road, for fixed gear)?


  11. kenny

    I am confused. This is the 1st and last fixie you will ride? Did you learn to dislike it later?

  12. RL Policar

    I’m merely stating that I like this bike so much that I wouldn’t want to ride any other fixies.

  13. Jeff

    What size is your Redline? Just curious. I have an ’06 / 60cm.

  14. RL Policar

    Mine is a 54cm

  15. Elizabeth

    how do you think the ’08 Redline is in comparison? I’m looking to go to a single speed for my commutes — looking at either an ’06 Bianchi San Jose or this new Redline…. I would have bought the ’07 Redline, but someone bought the last one in my size at my LBS yesterday morning (I got there last night). Errr…

  16. RL Policar


    Though the 08 isn’t that far from what the 06 and 07 were spec’d at, I do like the newer model better.

    Personally, bull horns are way more comfy than the moustache bars, besides the new color scheme on the 08 looks great! At the price tag of $499…you can’t beat it. Then again I’m not so sure how much the Bianchi retails for.

    Overall, you won’t be disappointed with the 925. Everyone that rides mine falls deeply in love with it.

  17. Elizabeth

    I do like that $499 price tag especially for all that it comes with for commuting. The Bianchi (being an older model) would be comparable price wise, but I’d still need fenders. While I like the look of the bullhorns, I’m not sure I’d like them during the colder weather commute. They would be fun during warm weather rides! 🙂 Thanks for the feedback.

    Happy New Year!

  18. Dave Q.

    I test rode an ’07 925 yesterday and immediately put a down payment on it (the fact that they’re letting it go for $350 didn’t hurt either). Lately I’ve become very intrigued with the “fixie” craze and can’t wait until I can hop on this thing. BTW: Anyone want to buy my Rockhopper single-speed? That’ll pay the balance for my 9-2-5 ;D

  19. RL Policar (Post author)

    Hi Dave,

    Glad your getting a 925. Mine is set up as a SS, the fixie thing was harsh on my knees. But I still love this bike!

  20. Lance

    I’d agree, I’ve run mine as a singlespeed too. Sure you’ll be happy with the 925 either way. It’s a KILLER deal, and even more of one at $350! Dang! Enjoy the ride.

  21. Jim Anderson

    The 925 really is an amazing bike, especially for the price. I’ve owned mine for about a year and a half now, as a commuter, and wake up every day jazzed to ride. Total maintenance over that time (~ 8000 miles) has been 3 flats repaired, new brake pads, new tires (conti 28mm gatorskins, which make the bike feel much sportier), and the occasional chain clean/lube/fastener tightening.

    For longer rides, I think the moustache bars are more comfortable than the new bulldogs, but the new paintjob is really hot!

    In any case, I have yet to meet a 925 owner who doesn’t have a blast on the thing. I just don’t think you can go wrong with it!

  22. ryuss

    I picked up an 08 a couple of months ago (a friend of mine got it for me at dealer cost!).

    This bike is absolutely amazing. A really smooth ride at a fantastic price.

    On a related note, if you are someone who has freakishly short legs (I have a 28″ inseam, and I am 5’7″), this is one of the few inexpensive bikes that can accommodate 700 wheels.

    I am going to get a slightly longer stem and some risers because my freakish proportions make the stock setup a little awkward.

    The stock tires are a nice choice for anyone who has to ride on shitty streets like the ones in Columbus. I would like to get some faster tires, but I am not sure I am willing to sacrifice a bit of comfort for a bit of speed.

    Anyway, excellent bike, excellent value.

  23. mike

    I’ve have had this bike, or rather a version of this bike for the last few months. I actually have a 07 with the 08 wheel set and bullhorns. Super great deal for me because I got it for the same price as an 07 would have been.

    The bike IS super smooth and strong. Especially with the 08 wheel set (much improved) I’m able to easily ride over and through most road hazards with out any trouble or worry to the wheels. I’ve even crashed once fairly badly and the bike made it through with only minor scratches.

    There is one flaw on the Redline 925! I know one other person with a 925 and they had to replace the same piece. I forget what the little part is called exactly, but it’s in the headset. Soon as you pop off the stem you see it: this little sprocket/star shaped piece.

    Both myself and my buddy heard clicking sounds coming off of our forks after a couple weeks of riding our bikes, and both pieces become cracked and mangled after a couple months.

    The good thing about buying a stock bike like this was the warranty I got from my local bike shop, and they were happy to replace it at no cost.

    The only other minor thing I’d say is the sloping bullhorns are a little rough on my hands, but I have a long torso, and by getting some straight bulls or drops or riser bars I can fix that with no problem.

    Anyway, for the money, this bike is amazing, and the components are stronger than a lot of bikes that cost $300-$600 more.

  24. Andy

    Bought my 925 a year ago to protect my road bike from a 36-mile round-trip hilly commute through western Oregon rain, including 3 miles of gravel road. My friendly bike shop exchanged out the moustache bars for regular road bars — good move, I suggest. Haven’t had a flat in 2000 miles because I tore off the stock tires and replaced with Specialized Armadillos (25 mm). Also put on Ultegra clip-less pedals so I could use my road shoes. A great light combination (Light & Motion Seca for the front and DiNotte rear) rounds out my ideal commuting bike. It’s not the lightest SS in the world, but pushing the extra weight up my 2-mile climb each way should pay dividends when road racing season starts.


    Anybody find that their crank (or somewhere down there) is noisy? Mine is clanky – my LBS claimed they couldn’t hear it and suggested that the chain just needed to loosen up. Not so. I’ve tried to ignore it but it gets one my nerves. I’ve had quieter Schwinn 3-speeders.

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