More Xtracycle Footsies.

I recently swapped out my other bars on the Xtracycle because I needed them on my tandem. So I went with this beach cruiser bar that I had. But the only problem was that it was way too big. When ever I had to get on or off the bike, my leg would get caught.

So what I did was cut down the bars about 7 inches on each side…right where the bars started to bend. I reinstalled the grips and place the bar on the Xtracycle.

I then took the excess portion of the bars that I just cut and made them into footsies.

When I drilled the hole into the footsies, I tapped it and installed a screw to prevent it from falling out or moving around too much. I then installed some grips that I had laying around.


  1. Val

    RL: One of the first things that I realized when I got my XtraCycle was that I would frequently be loading it up with payloads that were taller than the seat, if not my head. Once I installed the passenger bars, another obstacle was added. Accordingly, I developed the habit of stepping over the front, just lifting my foot over the top tube. Admittedly, it is easier with a centerstand, but I’ve gotten to the point that I step off the front of all my other bikes, as well.

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  3. Alex

    I think the footsies are a great idea – well executed.

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