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Though not really intended for commuting long distances or hitting some serious mountain trails, Footbikes are a blast to get around with.

Gary Schmitt

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Schmitt a World Champion Kick Bike Racer and talked about Footbikes. Gary showed off 3 models: Street, Track, and Trail which all come in various colors.

different styles and colors

I even had a chance to ride one of these bad boys around the convention center. Being a bike fanatic, I instantly fell in love with the ingenuity of a Footbike. If you get a chance to ride a Footbike, I would definitely suggest you jump on it.

Read more about FOOTBIKE.


  1. Noah

    I can’t tell which, but that thing is begging for either a direct-pedal conversion a-la Ordinary Bicycle (penny-farthing, big-wheel bicycle, what have you) or a Briggs and Stratton spinning the back wheel.

    Maybe both.

  2. RL Policar

    huh…I didn’t know that the term”World Champion Kick Bike Racer” even existed.

  3. Ghost Rider

    As long as it’s not a trail-hogging Trikke, I am all for it.

    Honda used to make a kickbike back in the late 70s…my sister and I had two of them. They had a t-shaped footpedal that you pushed with one foot while the other foot stood on the platform. That footpedal worked a chained ratchet assembly that drove the rear wheel and would get you FLYING!!! I know it’s not the same concept, but this bike jarred my memory.

  4. Logan

    I didn’t even notice that there was a bike in the picture because I was staring at his sweet sock & sandal combo.

  5. Randy Policar (Post author)

    I think the correct term would be World Scooter Champion.

  6. Ghost Rider

    That guy looks like Stewart Smalley.

  7. db

    That guy looks like he’s offering you candy to ride his bike.

  8. Greg Raisman

    I saw a guy ride one of these in Seattle to Portland in 2006. That’s 204 miles on one and he made it to Portland in the middle of the pack of 10,000 riders.

    Also… what’s wrong with socks and sandles?! Keeps you warm, but lets a little air in. I think it’s a perfect combo!

  9. Randy Policar (Post author)

    db look a bit closer to what he’s holding. It’s just one of the best business cards out there.

  10. Greg Raisman

    by the way… here’s a photo of the STP kick bike guy:

  11. Bruce Alan Wilson

    It is called a scooter. They’ve been around for a long time. Check out

  12. Lance

    Oh man, sorry for laughing but thanks for the link to the kickbike Randy. I never knew that sport existed and it’s just funny to see finely tuned athletes on a hyped up razor scooter.

  13. Gary

    It’s faster than a speeding Razor and you can use any footwear you want. (Socks optional.)

    Race Speeds: 16 – 21 mph

  14. Moses

    Don’t get too cocky boys— these machines fly! here is one of our favorite YouTube links–

    A scooter—sometimes? A Diggler–not really but nice try! If you jump on this with an athletic backround then we caution you to take it easy—–think 6 mile loops, think home in time to keep the family balanced, think becoming a stronger rider.

    Think Footbike!

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  16. Moses

    Hey—for the sake of science I thought I would toss a note onto this board in honor of our first North American sanctioned footbike race.

    Okay—it was really a division within the Utah Marathon, but it counts. We had ten kickers and Gary Schmitt knocking some time off of his fastest marathon.

    In Europe and Australia, a footbike race is made up of a criterium, sprint, relay, and marathon event spread over three days.

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