Carry Your Bike On A Bike

The Secret Lab, West Coast Division were at it again in building a new project that is not only practical, but pretty cool.

I’ve seen photos of people carrying their bikes on their Xtracycles. In fact you can even by a kit from them called the Tray Bien for about $99. But I wanted to make my own for super cheap.

Since I had and old Thule fork mounted tray that I wasn’t using, I decided to put it into service by recruiting it for this project.

First step was to get some pipes. I had some extra 20mm copper and steel pipes laying around in the lab. I inserted those pipes into the holes where I could usually fit my footsies in the front and the other hole in the back.

I then secured those pipes with some screws to prevent them from sliding out or rotating.

Once all that stuff is done, I just tighten the tray mounts and placed my Redline 925 and used the straps from the Freeloaders to secure it.

You’re probably wondering why anyone would carry their bike on a bike. Basically its an alternative way to transport your bike from one place to another. It’s better to do it this way than it is to drive your car around with your bike on the rack.


  1. Quinn

    This is cool and interesting to see.

    I don’t have an Xtra, I used a cargo trailer, I’d like to see, some one come up whith a why to carry a bike on a trailer.

  2. Ghost Rider

    SWEET! Ingenuity at its finest!

    By the way, your secret lab looks cooler (and bigger) than the measly secret lab on this coast. I am jealous! Do you have to fight off hookers to get in your secret lab?

  3. RL Policar


    That is my next project in the lab. I actually have a Croozer Cargo trailer that I can use as an example.

    Hookers? No just addicts…

  4. Copy&Paste

    great solution, i tried to get something going to put a second bike’s fork into a platform with an old hub and a fast skewer to link it with the bike that is in front. well, it went terribly wrong, at the first turn all the stuff came down and i was very sad beacuse the frame got scratched too =( oh well, i’ll keep you posted if i invent something new.

  5. Quinn

    RL Cool!

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  7. JS

    Here’s a why: I live in brooklyn, and commute to work on the bike. In the morning, I like to ride my daughter to school. We’ve been using a trail-a-bike, but she’s old enough to ride her own bike now. She’s not old enough to ride home alone. Her mom picks her up in the afternoon on the subway. Thus if she were to take her bike, it would be stuck at her school. In the past, I would leave the trail-a-bike at the school, and pick it up on the way home. I’d like to be able to do the same with her bike.

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