Dumb Driver

So this evening I was helping my daughter with a school project where she’s talking about how she can make a difference by riding her bike. We had pulled off to the side to get some video of the local traffic to use for her project. Check out what this driver does to us.


  1. Duke

    This is one reason that the law needs to enforce front lic plates. Also more education for motorists and transportation. I get urked when I see this and I do get verbally defensive too. I am glad you and the girls werent hurt. Your verbal description was spot on.

  2. Moe

    Man, what an a$$hole!!! And for what? To get ahead a couple of cars??? People like that shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

  3. Gabriel

    It’s occasions like that when I wish for a rapid-fire automatic egg-launching rifle.

  4. Elijah

    I love your expletives followed by your daughter, “Dad..”. Hehe.

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    Yeah she scolded me on that one…

  6. Logan

    Awesome. What a complete douche.

  7. Max

    What a tool. Check out the local law enforcement situation and see if they have an aggressive driver hotline. They have started doing that out here in the I-95 corridor, and it can be effective.

  8. Mike Myers

    Geez, that’s scary. The guy saw a father and daughter standing in the bike lane and he cut that close?

    Look, I believe I’m a vehicular cyclist. I’d like to ride in the road with sharrows and bike lane designations and all that I wonder if there’s not a better way. A simple CURB would keep people out of the bike lane. Raising the bike lane 6 inches would do the same. That being said, the places I ride have no bike lane so I stick myself 2 feet or more into the lane and make ’em deal with me.

  9. db

    I would do my best to get a license plate number from that shot (I see a ?59722), and I would turn that video (or a copy of it, rather) in to the PD. You’ve made your case for them. The driver endangered you and your child in a clearly marked (by both the stripe and by the sign he’s/she’s passing) bike lane.

    Seriously, follow this up. Make yourself a pest, both to the PD and to that motorist. Oh, and if they need another technicality — no signal. Into not a turn lane, but a parking lane.

    Now go report that asswipe.

    And yeah, totally hilarious hearing your daughter scold you. Did that to my dad on several occasions.

  10. Mike

    Yeah, seriously, turn that into the police.

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  12. Dan

    I love your daughter’s reaction to your colorful language.

  13. Sicckmind

    Am I the only one who feels .. that this is a little blown out of proportion … I mean sure the guy is a douche but at least no one got hurt .. there really is no need for the follow up “jackass” comment .. Trust me .. he did not hear a thing in .. How dare you use inappropriate language and lower yourself to his level .. For shame ..

  14. Enhancement Smoker

    “Lighten up, Francis”. A few spicy words here and there are no big deal.

  15. RL Policar

    Sick…I take it you don’t have kids. If you did then you would understand how protective a father can be when it comes to the safety of their child. Yes I called him a jack ass, and yes my daughter scolded me. But I did apologize to her and explained that when anything compromises her and her sister’s safety because of some moron, then YES I WILL get upset.

  16. Priscilla

    I have to disagree Sicckmind. That was my young daughter out there that was almost hit. You can’t really judge how you are going to respond when your child is threatened like that until your own little one is threatened. With that said he did later apologize to my daughter for his language.

  17. parkmana

    In court, that action can fall under a few different crimes:

    Assault with a deadly weapon…
    Vehicular assault…
    Reckless driving…
    Dangerous maneuvering.

    All are jailable offences.

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