Year-end Wrap Up

Well, as another great year of bicycle commuting draws to a close, I tallied up my cycling stats for the year (with the help of I wanted to sneak in a few more miles tonight before midnight, but the crazies and amateur drunks started early, so I’m just going to lay low.

At the beginning of the year, I set a conservative goal of 1200 miles for 2007. That’s probably just a drop in the bucket for some of our more hardcore cyclist/readers out there…I figured that with my commuting to work 3 days a week (I only work part-time) and some fun rides thrown in for good measure, I’d be able to eke out 100 miles a month. Well, I blew past that goal back in October, and wound up finishing with 1614 total miles! Setting conservative goals really works wonders, because if you surpass such a goal, you feel AWESOME!

Ok, here’s how the rest breaks down:

-198 rides for the year

-14.97 MPH average speed

-highest month was October (22 rides with 179.30 miles covered)

-lowest month was August (10 rides with 94 miles covered…so hot, so much rain, so lazy!)

-Highest ride temperature for the year was 96 degrees; low was 42 degrees

If you’re not familiar with, it is a wonderful free tool to log these kinds of ride measurements. I looked forward to logging my miles and I found that being able to see my stats visually was a real incentive to ride more days and more distance. Registration at is easy and fast, and the site gives riders the ability to log more than just speed, mileage and temperature — there are SO MANY tools available there that your mind will spin!

Finally, the crew at set up our own “club” on Bikejournal. It can be found in the club section under “”. We have 8 riders in our club right now, and we amassed a total of 3679 miles for 2007 between us. That’s great! If you’re a user of, please come join our “club”! If not, think about registering over there — the site and the tools are a lot of fun to use.

Here’s to another fun and adventurous year of cycling — we here at wish you a happy and healthy New Year in 2008!


  1. John

    Figured I would join up and add my 2,200 miles to the mix. Just picked up a mountain bike since I needed to add some dirt to my commuting/road diet. Happy New Year!

  2. russ roca

    Sweet….I think I’ll have to do that for 2008

  3. Ghost Rider

    Yeah, Russ…come on over and join us! I know that you already put a lot of miles on your bikes, and logging ride info can be fun. It really IS an incentive to ride more often, and this tool is free. Absolutely amazing!

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  6. Moe

    I’ve logged in my first miles of 2008: A nice relaxing 12 mile Mtb ride.

  7. RL

    To be honest with you guys, I don’t really pay attention to the miles I’ve ridden.

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