Cargo Bike, Philippines style

When I was a kid in the Philippines, my family owned a sidecar that attached to Randy’s bike. These things were normally used to chauffeur family members to the market, movies, or anywhere you needed to go. It was great for cruising the neighborhood with.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted one here in the US. The thing is, these side cars are usually hand made by some welder in the Philippines, and they are made out of steel. You can pretty much find them at any LBS for as little as a few hundred pesos…remember, the US Dollar is about fifty pesos there…

So why did I bring this up. Well for one thing, I love any bike that has more than one function. I really dig my Xtracycle just because its so practical. Bakfiets are cool too because they are the ultimate in cargo bikes. But as I think about the side car back in the Philippines, I saw how practical that would be here. The only problem is, getting one sent here. Luckily I’ve got an uncle there that is looking into sending me one. Not so sure how much it would all cost, but I think it would be so cool if we did score one!


  1. Sailinghome

    In my many trips to the philippines in the last 13 years or so I’ve often marvelled at having one of those as well… it wouldn’t work here in Hong Kong, but in many western countries it would be real fun to go shopping or on local family trips with one of those….!

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  3. Marrock

    Find out if your uncle can get a bulk discount.

    I know I’d be interested in one and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  4. Ghost Rider

    Sign me up for one, too…I’ve looked at bicycle rickshaws, pedicabs and every other flavor of multi-person bike and a sidecar setup would RULE (especially if we can get them for cheap)!

  5. RL Policar

    Don’t worry guys, I’m in talks with my Uncle about it. We’re trying to see what is the best option.

  6. Marrock

    Maybe use some S&S couplers to make the sidehack removable…

  7. Jake

    Mabuhay RL!

    You should talk to the guys at Sycip ( – they’re of Pinoy ancestry too, I think) about welding up a US version. I bet they’d love to try their hand at something like this.

  8. RL


    Thanks for the info, I’ll have to get a hold of my kabibayans over at sycip.

  9. Kris

    Kamusta! those are called sidecar (pedicabs) here in Manila. Price range is between Php12k to Php 15k/unit.

  10. RL

    $300 isn’t bad. Kris, do you know of anyone that exports them to the US? If you do email me, RLPolicarATgmailDOTcom


  11. Kris T

    The tubing they use are made from GI water pipes that is weld together to form the bikecab. 🙂

    I’ll ask around if that is possible.

  12. Ted K.

    Despite having a pedicab pre-fabricated. Some modification and re-inforcement with extra load in mind, the simplicity of the structure of pinoy pedicab would be best used in California’s set-up. Put in an electric hub on both front and rear wheels then you get a great ride!

  13. jim

    Yes i too have been to the philippines a number of times. I have the same thought as well, but i am looking into making on of these pedicabs and maybe get into selling them here in the us.
    any thoughts or concerns…email me

  14. asceticfish

    I live in Los Angeles and have a sidecar attached to a Worksman Industrial Newsboy. I can make it available to anyone wanting to replicate. Its quite handy since I can unbolt it and then I’ll have a regular bike. E-mail me for pics –



  16. rod

    did you guys find out about how to get these side cars? I want for my mountain bike. just wondering how I could get one.

  17. Merlie king

    Hello, I just want to know how that bike with sidecar on the picture in Philippines. Because I’m going to buy for my grandson for him going to school.please reply.God Bless

  18. RL Policar (Post author)

    I’m not sure what your question is.

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