Kona Smoke 2-9 recently took delivery of the 2008 Kona Smoke 2-9. Moe’s first commuter bike was the Kona Smoke (26), and he loved it! So while we were walking around Interbike 2007, Moe was actually pretty shocked that they came out with a 29er version of his favorite commuter.

kona smoke 29

So after working things out with the wonderful folks of Kona, we have one to test and report to our readers.

Check out those super cool fat pedals.

29er wheels roll faster.


The Smoke 2-9 is the elevated brethren of our ever popular Smoke.
This is the one bike that everyone should have hanging in their apartment or wedged in their garage.
This year we’ve taken the Smoke and added a taller wheel to make it go faster.
Push the pedals harder to also make it go faster.

Frame sizes 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″
Frame tubing Kona Cromoly Butted
Fork Kona P2 29er Disc
Headset TH
Crankarms Suntour CW-XCC-T208
Chainrings 48/38/28
B/B CH-46
Pedals Kona Jackshit
Chain KMC Z-72
Freewheel SHIMANO HG-30 (11-32, 8spd)
F/D Shimano Altus
R/D Shimano Altus
Shifters SRAM MRX
Handlebar Kona Riser
Stem Kona Control
Grips Kona Mooseknuckle
Front Brake Tektro 855AC
Brake Levers Tektro RS-384A
Front hub Formula
Rear hub Formula
Spokes Stainless 14g
Tires Continental City Contact 700 x 47c
Rims Rigida Cyber 10
Saddle Velo Comfort
Seatpost Kona Thumb
Seat clamp Kona Clamp
Color Smoke Grey

Priscilla absolutely LOVES the “New Bike Smell”…its a combination or Chinese Food, Rubber, Grease and Metal…mmm.

So stick around as we run the Kona Smoke 2-9 through the paces and report a full review.


  1. Ghost Rider

    Looking SWEET! My regular commuter bike is based around 26″ wheels…but when I got to test a 29er commuter bike, I was amazed by how much faster it felt.

    Does a new Kona really smell like Chinese food?

  2. RL Policar

    We were just messing about the Chinese food.

    The funniest thing happened. I just built up the bike in the kitchen, and Priscilla comes home from spending some time with our oldest.

    She stops, looks the bike, one eye brow up, and says…”well well well…hello!” (talking to the bike) “Oooh I like him! He’s pretty!”

    Then…she leans forward…and sniffs the bike!?!

    I say to her…”uh…what are you doing?”

    She looks at me while sniffing and says…”what? I like the new bike smell!”

  3. Moe

    MMM.. Beware of the new bike smell!!! It gets into your nose and when it finally hits your brain… Well, that’s how I have over 11 bikes…

  4. Quinn

    Not my kind of bike, The all-in-one didn’t really work for me, I am glad to see that a 47C w/ fenders can fit. especially with th P2, the fork clearance on my Jake is the only Kona issue I have, with fenders I can only fit a 32c, in the rear I can fit a 38c w/ fender.
    can’t wait for the results!

  5. Ben C

    SWEEETTTT Bike. I like the style and color.

  6. erik k

    sweet bike, I have a Kona Dew. which is a like basically the same bike just more pimped out and minus the fenders (I live in So Call) where it almost never rains. 29er tiers are awesome it makes my bike road bike fast,, haha until i start going up hill. I also love the on and off road capabilities , it looks & rides really sweet with cycle cross tires. Plus you can throw it on a buss with no wories

  7. wannaCmore

    My LBS has the Smoke 2-9 for $40 less than the Smoke. Guess which one I gonna go for?… However, I can split the difference in price and order a KHS Urban X from the same shop…

  8. RL Policar (Post author)


    OOh both great choices, Urban X or Smoke 29…so which one did you go with?


  9. brian

    Is the smoke 2-9 available in the US? on their internets, only canadian and NZ prices are listed…

  10. Michael .C.

    I just bought a brand new Kona 2-9 smoke for 369$ in Canada. Very similar to the previous generation (I owned a smoke 2005), thus my new one is faster but less agile… they also notched in my opinion 2 major irritants: front tourney derailleur ( rusted easily) replaced by altus and plastic parts of the fenders ( broke easily) replaced by metal parts. To the guy who compared the smoke to the urban x please take the time to compare componements of the two bikes before to buy.

  11. wannaCmore

    RL, my LBS doesn’t have a Urban X in stock for me to look at. I emailed KHS about getting a demo, ‘cuz I won’t buy sight unseen. I am leaning towards the Kona, even though it does not come with the kickstand and rack like the KHS. Besides, I’m REALLY starting to dig the 29″ wheel for commuting.

  12. James

    I bought the Smoke 29 back in October. Its done 1200 miles without any problems and I’m really pleased with it. I changed the tyres for something more suited to offroad riding so that I could use a flint track on my commute and it seems quite happy to take anything I throw at it. It would be nice if it was lighter, but for the price I cant complain.

  13. devinci

    wannaCmore, please do not let wether or not a bike comes with a kick stand make you decision… the smoke is a great bike, i wish i could say the same about any lower end KHS i have ever riden, but i cannot.

  14. wannaCmore

    I’vegot news. My favorite LBS was having a Grand Opening Sale to celebrate the opening of his second location. Everything at both shop on sale. 10-30% off bikes. 10 for ’08, 20 for ’07, 30 for ’06. Guess what? He had a ’06 Smoke! I was looking at the Smoke 2-9, but the price on that Smoke was tooo hard to resist.

  15. Jason

    Anybody out there happen to know the spacing for the rear hub? Is it 135mm or 130 mm (mountain or road).

  16. Jessica

    Jason – spacing is 135.

  17. Garry Zimmerman

    Where do I get a kickstand for my Kona Dr. Dew?

  18. JaJo

    I love my Kona Smoke 2-9. Have had it since ’08, worn through many components (brake pads, chains, etc.) but still my daily rider. I’ll probably ride this one into ground before getting a new one.

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