All the way from Germany…

This superb piece of machinery is on its way from Germany…

The Yuba Mundo Cargo Bike was shipped out last week and is due in California within the next few weeks.

Here’s what the Mundo is all about:

Designed for maximum bicycle mobility, the all-terrain Mundo offers an affordable and sustainable alternative for getting yourself and your gear, your dog and your kids, from point A to point B. With a sturdy, streamlined frame design, multiple gearing and a cargo area capable of transporting both people and unwieldy goods, the Mundo Cargo Bike offers a complete solution for sustainable mobility >>>discover the Mundo

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yuba mundo cargo bike

We’re pretty excited about the Yuba Mundo and once it gets here, we’ll make sure we get plenty of photos posted!


  1. Mike

    Yay! Another cargo bike in the world!


    Boo! Looks like they ripped off ExtraCycle and beat Surly/Kona to market.

  2. RL Policar (Post author)

    Well I don’t know about the ripping off from Xtracycle. The whole design of it is totally different. From what I’ve read in their site, the Mundo was designed to be a one size fits all bike. The slow sloping top tub allows for the shortest rider and the seat can be raised to allow for taller riders. Plus it can carry 3 passengers, dunno if that included the driver of the bike…
    and the cargo capacity is super high…440lbs!

    I know on my Xtracycle, I can only carry around 200lbs of cargo…

  3. Ghost Rider

    The Xtracycle is rated to 200 lbs., but I’ve seen photos of folks with MUCH higher-weight loads on them.

    The Yuba was announced at the 2006 Interbike, from what I remember. I saw pictures of one quite a while ago, but don’t remember exactly where or when. It’s a pretty badass concept, in any case!

  4. Lance

    440 pounds!? Interested to see what those wheels look like. Almost a quarter ton on a bicycle… impressive indeed.

  5. RL Policar (Post author)

    So this is how we’re going to test this bad boy.

    Lance will drive the bike, Jeremy and I will be passengers. Now if the bike makes it down the street without breaking…then we know the bike is legit.


  6. Dominic Dougherty

    It looks neat… but where are the panniers? Without the sidebags it seems like this is a very limited use cargo bike. You either need to have a large cargo net or a lot of bungees or tie-downs.

    It’s cool if you’re carrying people around I suppose, but for the price of a Mundo I bet you could get bikes for all 3 people!

    I’ve had an Xtracycle for 6 months now and I love being able to just drop 8 bags of groceries in the bags. A few times I’ve had to move things like microwaves and toolboxes, and the only place it would fit is on the top (snap board). At this point the whole bike becomes squirrely and flexes more than an early-1970s Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Put me on the waiting list for the Big Dummy.

  7. Ghost Rider

    Whenever new utility longbikes appear on the market, I always return to pleasant thoughts about the Xtracycle. The whole Freeradical concept was just better thought-out — I mean, who wants to hang multiple panniers off the side racks of a Ute or Yuba? It looks silly and STILL wouldn’t beat the sheer volume of the Xtracycle bags. How does one carry small items on a Ute? Who knows…but if you have a Freeradical, it just slips in the big bag and off you go. Genius.

    Again, I think the Xtracycle is pretty conservatively rated from the makers. I am sure it can carry much more than 200 lbs.

  8. russ roca

    Won’t someone please make aftermarket bags for all these new longtails? Chrome? Swobo? Velo-Orange? Timbuk2?

  9. Ghost Rider

    Until someone decides on a standard, I would guess that bag makers are going to steer clear until things shake out. Who’s going to want to crank out 3 or 4 different models of a bag for longtails that might not achieve market acceptance?

  10. Quinn

    Just like the Hunter Cycles ute’, IM diggin’ the bottom pannier supports, kudos for being a single/solid frame too.

  11. RL Policar (Post author)

    Bags would be great for this bike. But I can also picture using milk crates or wicker baskets as a DIY alternative. I’m going to talk to Randy(my brother that sews) about making some backs for this thing or at least some sort of adapter that will allow us to clamp a messenger back onto it.

  12. Ben C

    What are the specs on the baby?

  13. RL Policar (Post author)

    You can find the specs on all of their models here:

  14. Ben C

    WOW!! After reviewing the site and details of the bike, I don’t see why someone would not want one. I would want to take the family everywhere within 15 minutes.

  15. Mike Myers

    I’d like to see someone make bags for the longtails out of good old cotton duck. Probably not Carradice but surely someone can do it.

  16. bipbip38

    Hey, just got mine (yep I’m in europe) and it looks just great , just tested it with 2 adultes on the back (~240Kg total) and you just need to make sure your tires are correctly inflated. some pictures : here

  17. russ roca

    bipbip38….thanks for that link….looks like a nice ride!

  18. bob

    I was thinking of getting a Yuba Mundo, but I was concerned about bags. It seems that you can attach almost anything to the side: suitcases, trash cans, recycle bins, plastic totes, Xtracycle Freeloaders, motorcycle saddle bags (panniers), wire baskets, galvanized utility bins, military ammo boxes, and mail boxes? I’m probably going to get a Yuba, and I might get a 25″ wire basket for the side and also make my own cargo net to be used as an emergency saddle bag.

  19. Rod

    I can’t understand why so many people are complaining about the lack of panniers. What has happened to some old fashioned ingenuity and creativity. If you can’t sew, then go to your local marine or motor trimmer and give them a design you want. Chances are they will make something far better than you can get off the shelf and which will suit your very specific needs. I usually find off the shelf stuff is a generic compromise and never perfect. Those bags aren’t rocket science.

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