I don’t…do you?

I’ve seen a number of guys wearing boxers or some type of underwear underneath their cycling shorts…to me it doesn’t make sense since that extra fabric could cause some chaffing. Besides its uncomfortable…I just don’t get it. So if your one of those fellas that wears their skivvies with your cycling shorts…baggy or tights…please explain why?!


  1. Happy and Blue 2

    Because when you stuff grapefruits in cycling shorts to impress the ladies you need something to absorb any juice that inevitably seeps out.

  2. RL

    that’s nasty…was that from personal experience?

  3. Wyo Evan

    I’m guessing the answer is “lack of experience.” Or they love discomfort.

  4. Eric

    This is something I updated my blog with just a few weeks ago. My answer to your question: varicocele.

    If you’re like me, and I really hope you’re not, you’re one of the 15 percent of men who have an enlarged varicose vein called a varicocele in the left testicle.

    The varicocele causes extreme, and I can’t stress this enough, incredible pain in your testicles to the point that you have to lie down. The only way to cure it is to wear tight underwear, as is my case, or wear loose fitting underwear to reduce the pain. This is more common than you think. Most cases of infertility in males stems from varicocele.

    This is something a lot of bikers don’t take into consideration when they have pains down there.

    So my reasoning for wearing whitey tighties under my bike shorts: to protect my boys.

  5. Ghost Rider

    Oi….varicocele, eh? Ouch!

    Do you have any problems with chafing — seams and such of your tighty-whiteys under cycling shorts? Tight-fitting cycling shorts aren’t enough to provide scrotal support?

    The reason I ask is because in my first bike club way back in the day (Whole Wheel Velo Club of Fairfax County, VA), we had a novice rider show up wearing his tighty-whiteys under cycling shorts. After the ride, the seams and edges of those underpants cut into him so badly that he looked like he’d been bullwhipped around his groin. It was an ugly sight!

  6. Dominic Dougherty

    Bullwhipping around the groin? Thanks for the idea! This is going to be a very special V-Day πŸ™‚

  7. Quinn

    I can’t speak for the spandex wearer, IM always in baggy shorts/pants, as for wearing underware, 1 word – containment -, getting your junk trapped between your leg and the saddle SUX.

  8. Mike

    Varicocele. I just did a google search for it. I think I will go lie down now.

  9. Jett

    Varicocele. This world has so many things to learn and think about.

    Now I think I’m ready for the ladies’ responses. Maybe.

  10. Eric

    Well I don’t wear typical Hanes briefs that come in a pack of five. I try to get the Jockey or Alfani brands that give me a cup. I don’t want to go into a full description of my skibbies but you can find underwear designed for surfers and bikers for people who can’t get support. Normal briefs won’t suffice, the best ones have short sides and a pouch.

    I don’t have any problems with chafing and the tight cycling shorts I wear now just aren’t enough. The slightest things can set it off and I’ve been stuck riding when it has hit me. I don’t take any chances.

  11. Kevin

    In the immortal words of Cosmo Kramer: “THE BOYS ARE FREE JERRY, AND I’M LOVIN’ IT”!

  12. Laura

    Ladies Response:


    I recall walking down the street and a man ran by wearing teeny tiny gym shorts. Not a pretty sight. In fact I remember this whenever I make a cup of tea. It’s another reason why I drink coffee.

    Word of the Day: Pouch

  13. Moe

    I’ve seen plenty girls riding with thongs underneath their lycra cycling shorts.. what’s up with that?

  14. RL Policar (Post author)

    Can’t you have the vein removed?

  15. Ghost Rider

    Laura, is it because of the “teabag”?

    Eric, thanks for the insight — I figured that generic Fruit-of-the-Looms were not exactly part of the equation.

    And now, like Mike, I’m going to go lie down! Just thinking about this subject has given me a phantom pain in my junk. πŸ˜‰

  16. james

    Merino wool boxer-briefs under loose shorts: bliss.

    If someone made cycling shorts with a merino-chamois, here’s my VISA card!

  17. Laura

    Ghost Rider, yep “teabag”.

    On a serious note: Good luck with your boys.

    I think I’ll go lie down too. Maybe think of bunnies, and ponies, and rainbows… oh look a basket of kittens. Nice.

  18. Will

    This is a helpful conversation for me. I have tried to be correct and not wear underwear under my bibs or shorts, and boy do the boys sometimes take a beating, especially in the spinning class I’m in. I can get some pretty intense pain. And in the class it is just downright uncomfortable. I can’t go as fast as I could because m balls hurt so much.

  19. Will

    I wish they would make bike shorts with a pouch. That would solve the problem, I think. Someone earlier asked if the tight shorts don’t provide enought support. They simply don’t. They smash. I find walking and esp. doing my stretches particularly uncomfortable for the boys when I’m just wearing shorts.

  20. Andy

    I wear mens thongs under my bibs when cycling and everything goes alright. Just make sure that your thong is no too tight. You’ll forget you’re wearing one, its very comfortable.!!!

  21. rider

    Before I bought a good pair of bib shorts, I was wearing a pair of tight riding shorts. The padding was not covering a large enough area, so I get discomfort from the pressure of the material against my stuff. Then I discovered Under Armour athletic boxer briefs. The are made of that really thin material that all of their stuff is made of. So it fits nicely under the riding shorts.

  22. MArk

    Hi, I agree with Andy, I have tried the thongs since I read the post and they work perfectly.

  23. TommyB

    Bike shorts with a pouch would be fantastic!!!!!

    I did find a solution for regular everyday underwear several years ago: Obviously For Men underwear. They have an anatomical correct pouch for men and solve all sorts of problems. No more squished between your thighs, twisting, smashing, flattening, sweating, hot, smelly, slimy, aching, or chaffed man parts.

    If you are looking for more support and the pouch try Cocksox undies. They are spandex like material and fit nice under light bibs or shorts.

    Women search out the perfect bra – no reason men can’t have good underwear.

  24. John Link

    Ergowear just came out with compression shorts (no pad) that have a fabulous pouch. I haven’t received my shorts yet, but I wear their swimsuits and love the support. Here are the compression shorts:

    If you would like Ergowear to make cycling shorts please let them know, and tell them that John Link sent you.

    John Link

  25. Kevin

    Varicoceles can happen either side or both sides — not just left.

  26. Juan

    Im a 35 year old man, I agree with the thong, since I tryed I never stopped using them, the only problem is that you cycling short or bib short is made with light color it will show it up, I remember une time I was biking and a hot lady past me over and said to me ” hot thong baby ” i was so embarrassed! Any ways it is really comfortable and you don’t steam the pad.

  27. Saul

    Just following on with John Link’s link, here’s the current link (no pun intended).

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