Yuba Mundo Build Complete

This morning I woke up extra early to get things finished on the Yuba Mundo. Two things I have to mention, this baby is all steel and its pretty heavy. Keep reading and you’ll see the dimensions below.

Here’s the final photos:
yuba mundo

This thing has some beefy wheels, 48 spokes! That’s more than my tandem! The rims and spokes are mega thick compared to most bikes.
yuba mundo

Rear axel are the kind you’d find on BMX dirt jumper bikes…really thick!

The rear rack was a pain to install. One of the legs of it wouldn’t align on the mounting bolt. So after a few minutes of pulling and pushing, I got it to fit just right.

Here’s a shot of how you could easily mount things onto the Mundo. I was looking at my Xtracycle bags/freeradical and saw that there might be a way to use those bags onto the Mundo. I’ll have to try it out show you folks.

All I used were these clips to attach things.

yuba mundo

Here are the dimensions of the Mundo:

Bicycle size: One size fits all | Wheels: 26 Inches
Length: 210 cm (6.9ft) | Weight: 21 kilos (46lbs)
Cargo capacity: volume 1.05 m3 (33.3cft) | weight 200 kilos (440lbs)
Carrier size: length 80 cm (2ft 7″) width 22 cm (8.7″) Sideloaders: 54 cm (1ft 9″) 15cm (5.9″)

The side loader was wide enough to seat my big cooler on it. All I need to do is strap it down.

I did ride the Mundo a bit this morning and yes it’s pretty heavy, but then again its steel. This is what’s surprising though, the bike doesn’t feel heavy or too long when riding it. The bike handles much like a regular bike and its pretty darn smooth! We’ll be testing this thing out more and it will actually be a team effort. I’ll have the Mundo for a bit, then it will get some load testing with Russ who carries hundreds of pounds of camera equipment on his bike. We’ll keep you posted.


  1. Val

    Realistically, if you’re riding a cargo bike, picking up riders, and thinking about carrying a cooler full of ice and drinks, complaining about the weight of the bike is just silly. What you have there is functional weight, not extra. To be durable, do what it will do, and not cost several thousand dollars (all very important functions), it needs to be the weight it is. Another pound or two lighter would not make any difference at all in the grand scheme. I think that the entire bike industry needs to shift its perspective in relation to weight (for an account of how one fellow’s point of view changed, read: ). Of course, I did just install two carbon fiber water bottle cages on the back of my giant Wald basket…

  2. RL


    You’re absolutely right about weight and designed function. I guess I was just surprised on the weight of the bike. But like I said, the bike does ride really nice and smooth.

  3. Ghost Rider

    Well, for comparison, what is the weight of the average Xtracycle conversion? Or what is the projected weight of the Big Dummy?

    The Yuba seems pretty overbuilt, and that’s a good thing — Val’s right on the money about this being crucial load-bearing strength.

    If the piggish weight really gets to you, find someplace to pump the tires full of helium!

  4. Russ Roca

    Cargo bikes are just plain heavy…it’s still a bit of a shock to the system I guess when you see the numbers because it is counter to the marketing of all new bikes today, where unless your bike is sub-18 lbs, you’re riding a pig….

    In comparison, some weights for different bikes…

    My Trek 520 outfitted for touring- 35lbs
    Current Xtracycle setup – 40lbs
    Projected weight of my Bilenky cargo bike – 40-45lbs
    Bakfiets – 65lbs
    CAT Longjohn with fiberglass shell – 85lbs

  5. Smudgemo

    Yowza. It only needs fenders and a Wald basket on the front and it’ll be ready to rock.

    I have encountered the Pink lady on a number of occasions (usually she’s climbing Mt. Diablo), and have always wondered what she’s got in the pink panniers and why she’s always got them. Hmm. Now I know. Thanks, Val.

  6. Lance

    Val…wow. thanks for the link. That was a fantastic article.

  7. Quinn

    Where’s the motor?

  8. Val

    Quinn: The motor is behind the camera – the calssic organically top fuelled 1/8 hp V-twin hemi, same as I use. They work.

  9. Ghost Rider

    Meat motors RULE!

  10. bipbip38

    Are you sure about the weight (21 kilos/46lbs) ?, my Mundo on the balance is closer to 60 lbs. installing the rear rack was a also a pain for me, I ends-up using a large clamp to align the holes !

  11. RL


    I’m going off the spec sheet. I’ll have to check it when I get home.

  12. RL


    I noticed on your blog that you had wood on the top of the rack. How did you get that to mount?

  13. bipbip38

    I’ve recycle the white plastic clamp (not sure what they were for…) which where in the box to attach the wood to the rack. (see

  14. Quinn

    I too agree meat motors rule, around here don’t even try to pedal a 46 lb bike EMS around here is too slow to save anyone from a coronary.

  15. Val

    Quinn: What are you talking about? My LIGHT bike is 50 lbs, and my doctor seems to think that that may be what keeps my heart rate and blood pressure down. My physicals take 15 minutes, because she can’t find anything wrong. On the other hand, this guy makes me feel like a wuss: You’d be amazed what you can push, if you try.

  16. Rob Bushill

    for fitting the rack, you have to have a centre stand….put 5 of the 6 rack bolts (all but the back right bolt) in very loosely, sit behind the back wheel, right foot on the centre stand and pull the rack with your left hand, fit the bolt with your right hand. works a treat. the mundo method. developed after fitting 5 of them..

  17. Mark

    The new version 3 frame looks a doddle to build compared to the above mentioned earlier versions. I had a couple of issues fitting the side loaders but really that was all the assembly needed for the new frame. Mine will also have an electric boost motor to help with the weight of 2 boys and the hills.

    pics and blog at My Yuba Mundo Build


  18. the_big_smile

    I think, you are mistaking about the weight of the Mundo!
    Mine is a blue one too, exept I have mudguards, light and 18-gears mounted.
    It weights 35 kilogramms! (I messured it myself!)

    But you are absolutely right; The ride is great!
    I love riding the Mundo!

  19. Rebecca

    Has anyone tried riding a Mundo uphill with the child seat + child? I want one but am wondering if I’ll be able to get it up the hills in our hilly neighborhood.

    I’m a regular bike commuter and have been biking around a 35 pound kid on an aluminum mountain bike for a few years now. Any tips welcome!

  20. Martin-L

    Hi, Rebecca, I’ve managed a five mile round trip with my wife on the back, up a moderate gradient and it nearly killed me! I do pick up my ten year old from school which is only quarter of a mile away and that’s easy. And a call to everyone…I don’t know how heavy my wife is, or my kids or my Yuba V3 and I don’t care. It’s a cargo bike not a trail eater, I’ve got a mountain bike for that. Enjoy the experience and the SLOWER pace of the cargo bike and you’ll be fine. Big hills need fitness and stamina though, just bear that in mind.

  21. Daniel Amoni

    I regularly have my 32# boy in the ibert up front and my 42# daughter on the back of the Mundo. Hills are not a big deal. Actually, I don’t mind going uphill when I’m hauling some weight because I don’t expect to go fast. When my 115# wife is also on back the hills are more challenging, but can be done if not too steep.

  22. Kenneth C.

    Looks like the Yuba Mundo cargo bicycle is heavy but so is the Big Dummy.I want to build the BD but I like the Mundo too.I may have to build both of them to see what I like the best.I have a Surly LHT 09 model that I have re did it.It would have been cheaper to built it up from the frame up.And I also built my self a Nasbar touring bicycle that’s the bicycle that really got me in to building and it ride’s great too.I am thinking on using 24,34,46T chainring and a 11-32 cassette that should work out good I think.I have this on my Nashbar touring bicycle with a 11-32 cassette and running a 26,36,46T chainring.And with friction shifter only

  23. Josette

    I am looking into getting a Yuba Mundo and was just wondering what kind of chain guard you have on there. Thanks!

  24. RL Policar!


    That chain guard is what came with the Mundo.

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