Kona Smoke 2-9: Update

I’ve switched to my 20 mile round trip commute so I’ve made the Kona Smoke 2-9 more suitable for the longer ride:

Since I’m not a fan of backpacks, I installed a rear rack to accommodate my Banjo Brothers Panniers. I’ve also installed the Planet Bike SuperFlash Blinky (click here for the review) and a Banjo Brothers Top tube bag.

I will have the full review posted by next Monday.


  1. db

    Scary — that rack looks exactly like the one I have on my MTB commuter (Blackburn), and I use the Superflash as well. I really like that light.

  2. wannaCmore

    Does that top tube bag interfere with the cables? If I’m not mistaken, there are three cables that are routed alond the top side of the top tube. Can’t wait for the review. I’m putting a down payment on mine next payday. Now trying to figure out which accessiories to buy at same time as the bike to take advantage of the discount, and which to buy online.

  3. texastwister

    killer commuter! been looking forward to more on this bike, when you posted awhile back about it.

  4. Marrock

    So when are you delivering it?

  5. John

    what size wheels/tires?? they look fat. 🙁

  6. Moe (Post author)

    Tires are Continental 700cX47c. There shouldn’t be any issue with installing smaller tire like a 700X37. If you have the need for speed, check out the Kona Jake.

  7. Moe (Post author)

    WannaCmore: The top tube bag does not interfere with the cables. It is tight enough to stay put; but loose enough for the cables to do their shifting/breaking duties. I really dig top tube bags, I stash my keys, mace, snacks, a small .22 (just kidding….)

  8. Quinn


    I ride an ’08 Jake daily, although its alu. it is zippy and tuff as nails, if you are worried about tire size, it fits up to 38s, I run 32c Vittoria Randonee, if your looking for something more commuter friendly check the out the Dew/ PhD

  9. Duke


    Just picked up an ’06 Kona Smoke off of craigslist that was never ridden. It’s a sweet ride and I’m already loving it.

    However, I tried to install a rear rack that looks basically the same as yours, but the thin metal rods that attach the fender to the back hub seem to be in the way.

    Did you have any problems fitting your rack? Can you tell me what brand it is?

    I think it might need to get a rack that is a bit wider at the back, but the one I have looks exactly like yours.

    I wonder if the fenders on the ’08 Smoke are different than the ’06.


  10. Ghost Rider

    Duke, you could try one of the Topeak “disc-specific” racks…they have standoff legs that eliminate that kind of interference (I had a similar problem with my fender stays). Or, you could slip spacers under the legs of another brand of rack after you spread the legs out a bit, and that will give you some extra clearance. Just use longer mounting bolts and you’ll be good to go!

  11. Duke

    Thanks for the tips. I was going to ask about the mounting bolts. A friend of mine has a Dr. Dew, and it has seperate mounts for the fenders and rack, but the smoke doesn’t. So longer bolts it will be!


  12. Moe (Post author)

    Hey Duke, both Kona Smokes (I had a 26″ too) came with fenders out of the box. I do believe that the fenders are different because of the tire size. As far as the rear rack goes, I had no problems installing it. The brand of the rack is Zefal.

  13. Marc

    Great bike, I enjoy the reviews, keep them comming.

  14. Jane

    I’m in the UK and I’m having trouble finding a rear rack to fit my 2008 Smoke 2-9 (16 inches). I’ve even taken off the fender, but the brakes seem to be in the way. Anyone have the 16″ frame with a rear rack?

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