News Flash: and Has Been SOLD

The owners of and have recently sold the rights to all five of the sites they own to Evomo Clothing for an undisclosed amount. When asked why Moe Ramirez and RL Policar had sold out, they simply said, “It was about F#$%^ing Time! We’ve wanted to do this for so long!�? “We worked our butts off to make sure that we got noticed and bought out quickly,” stated Ramirez. Policar said, ” I’m glad I don’t have to put up with the staff any more – geez, it was like trying to babysit little kids after a night of drinking…excruciating!”

Ramirez and Policar at the 2007 Interbike
interbike 2007

Ramirez and Policar were asked about the amount that they were paid for their brands, but refused to give concise answers to the question. Rather, Policar had said, “Just think about it this way, I don’t have to work until the end of the year! The temporary tattoos and gift certificates to my favorite restaurant, Hometown Buffet made it all worth it!” Ramirez stated that he plans on taking his family on a long vacation to Catalina Island with the money he made. “What?! Its not like I can afford to take them to Hawaii or Fiji! You kidding! No way Jose, I am taking them there because I had to make sure that I put a big deposit down on a new Hummer H2.”

The rest of the staff of the sites, including Policar’s wife, Priscilla, Jeremy Yang, Lance Lowry, Russ Roca, Khoa Nguyen and Jack Sweeney, have all been terminated as soon as the deal had closed. All six bloggers are now looking to write for other sites, but when Yang was asked what his next step was, he stated, “My next step, well, I’m going to forget about those idiots! They didn’t even tell me that they were selling off the company! This experience has severely traumatized me and I don’t think I can ride bikes again! I’m going to go back and start racing lawn mowers again…”

Priscilla Policar, RL’s wife of nearly 13 years, spoke about the sale. “You know, being married to RL for so long, I would have thought he’d tell me these sorts of things, but he didn’t! He woke up the morning after the deal had closed and demanded eggs and chorizo for breakfast! He doesn’t even like chorizo! I don’t know who he is anymore….” she stated.

The rest of the staff was contacted but all were speechless. In fact when Jack Sweeney, a staffer and Sheldon Brown-wannabe for was approached, he gave reporters the international hand signal for anger and ran away, cursing loudly.

Jack Sweeney visibly upset.

Lance Lowry, a staffer on MtnBikeRiders and, was simply distraught over the sale, that he decided to get away from Ramirez and Policar and move from Orange County, Ca. to Portland, Oregon. As he drove away in his U-Haul Van, he was pumping his fists in the air and yelling, “Damn you both to hell!”

Khoa Nguyen was found later found by family members locked in the bathroom of his new home. He too was upset about the events and was heard saying, “Up yours Moe, up yours RL, screw MtnBikeRiders and!!!” Russ Roca, also a professional photographer and recent recruit to, was clearly bothered by the event and was found in a Long Beach, Ca. wings and beer restaurant stuffing himself with their hottest wings and best beers on tap to wash away the pain.

“The acquisition of and from Moe and RL has been in the works since December’s meeting at the Hometown Buffet. This deal went through with only a few stipulations including the gift certificates in lieu of stocks.”, said Sedrik Vomir, Evomo Sponsorship/Marketing Director. “This is our first step towards the purchase of high traffic internet based companies in the form of blogs and user generated content. Our list of companies that we are in talks with his quite large and by 2010 we will have about 45% ownership.”

evomo clothing

Both Ramirez and Policar will remain on staff until their replacements can be found. In the meantime, if you are interested in running or, please leave a comment below. If you are selected, you will be sent a rose, a voucher for Hometown Buffet and your username and passwords for the site. KHS Bicycles have also donated a KHS Green and Lucky 7 to give to the new Editors of the blogs as a “Welcome Aboard!” gift.


  1. Ben C.

    I am not sure whether to laugh or cry? Is this for real or are Moe and RL pulling our legs?

  2. Ghost Rider

    Well son-of-a-bee-sting…I’m out of a damn job.

    Enjoy your blood money, ya sellout bastids!

  3. Eric

    Hmmmm… April… April FIRST? Well, isn’t that SPECIAL!

  4. wannaCmore

    I think I’m gonna join Russ…

  5. Smudgemo

    Good, it was getting stale around here. Maybe now we can review and discuss cars.

  6. Ghost Rider

    What Moe and RL don’t want to admit is that they really sold out to Shell Oil. Apparently, “golden parachutes” exist for bicycle bloggers…

    I’m gonna go curse and mutter out in the bike shop for a few hours, maybe drive around in my truck to clear my head.

  7. RL Policar (Post author)


    Look man, that’s just how things are done in the business world of blogging. Some people will get hurt in the process of making money…and unfortunately you were one of them….

  8. Aaron

    Got Me!!
    Even had a blurb on evomo……how’d you do that…..though its gone now……
    good work.

  9. db

    Wow, that breakfast shot made me hungry. Who cannot like chorizo? Beats Instant Breakfast any day.

  10. Quinn

    After the “GM buying Specialized” bit, that had me going for a few, This was so blatant, Totally made my day!

  11. Mike C

    Har-har. Definitely a before-first-morning-coffee double-take making article…

  12. Ghost Rider

    Wait…so this is a JOKE?!? All those reporters showing up to my door to get my reaction to the news was fake too?

    For the record, I like chorizo…does that mean I can stay?

  13. Moe
  14. RL

    By the way, it wasn’t mentioned but Moe and I have the final say on who gets picked to take over for us.


  15. Fritz

    You guys selling out are a TOTAL inspiration for the rest of us who are looking to cash out and retire in style. Thank you for showing us the way.

  16. Laura

    You guys are a riot! You made my day (I spent it up to my eyebrows in paperwork… the paper cuts are killing me!)

    I can’t wait til more of this awful snow melts so I can ride my bike again!!

  17. Laura

    BTW, I love chorizo. Mail it to me.

  18. RL Policar (Post author)

    We’re back! We bought back the sites. Please go to the home page and read the latest news about the sites!

    RL Policar

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